A Family Visit, a Birthday, and More Winter

We’re still here! And we’ve had a pretty busy last week or so. Last Thursday my parents came up for a quick visit for a couple of days.  That day James and I started off the morning with Eleanor, and then delivered tasty lunch to Joe at work.  Then my parents got here and spent some time at the house before heading to the hotel while James and I ran to pick up a play kitchen and shopping cart I found for him on Facebook. Then later yet, I picked up Joe from work and picked up pizza in town for an easy supper!


James enjoying his new kitchen and shopping cart.


Friday Joe took the day off and we spent more time with my parents… mostly at the house here but we did make a quick trip up to Calumet to visit some stores up there and Joe and my dad ran to town on a couple errands as well.  Friday night we ordered take out from the restaurant just a couple blocks from our house because it was getting late and we weren’t sure James could make it through a sit down restaurant.

Saturday my family visited for awhile in the morning, and I totally meant to get some photos from their visit but I totally forgot! They stayed until around lunchtime and then headed back to Wisconsin.  Saturday afternoon Joe, James and I went grocery shopping and then made it home before the bridge closed! They are doing work on our lift bridge and it’s the only way across the Portage Canal.  They are having intermittent small closures and then a couple of nights the bridge will be closed entirely…. Saturday night was one of them from 9pm to 7am.  Would hate to get stuck on the wrong side for one of those!

20150117_203154Reading some bedtime stories with Dad.

Sunday was my 31 birthday.  I got to go to the SDC to go for a run on their indoor track.  It’s the first time I’ve run in months and months and I made it about 3 miles… it was really nice! Joe spent most of the day cooking a fancy supper but stopped when I went to the SDC and played with James and they went outside to play with Cora and hung out for a bit.  Sunday night we headed over to some friends’, Mike and Laura, house for supper.  Mike had a birthday Friday and mine was Sunday so we celebrated together! Laura made tasty appetizers that James just gulped down and cupcakes for after super.  Joe made homemade baked macaroni and cheese which is one of my favourites and then shepherd’s pie which is one of Mike’s favourites.  The shepherd’s pie had two halves… one made with a lamb filling and the other with a Brussels sprout and chickpea filling.  Both were delicious but I think I like the Brussels sprout side a bit better! Laura is vegetarian for the most part so Joe made two halves so everybody could have some!  I wish I had gotten a photo of the food because it was all very tasty and nobody left hungry.


Above: James helping me make some pancakes for breakfast.  Below: a post nap big baby smile.


Now we’re back to normal this week… just James and I.  We made it out for a walk to Dollar Bay a couple of days ago even though it was only 20 degrees outside and we’ve been taking Cora out  to play during the day too for some fresh air.  Today James and I did some ‘spring’ cleaning in the living room and vacuumed behind the couch and washed the cushions.  We saved 5 or 6 baby socks, several baby toys that have been missing for awhile, a few cat toys and a couple dog tennis balls from under or behind the couch.  It was like a goldmine! I’m pretty glad about the socks too… I thought I was going crazy not being able to find so many of James’ socks and all along he’s been stashing them behind the couch.

Joe has been making us good food for the past few nights and then last night we had weekend leftovers.  Tonight I’m roasting us a chicken and making some squash and kale to go with it. Tomorrow James and I will go out with Eleanor and then pretty soon it will be the weekend again!


Our day of cleaning the living room.  This was after playing outside with Cora for awhile and then having lunch.  James was starting to get tired and we were just about to go up for a nap.


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