Real Winter

It feels like ‘real’ winter has set in now.  There are no holidays to look forward to or anything so it’s just cold and blowy and snowy and winter out. The last couple days have been bitter cold, below zero and really windy/snowy so James and I haven’t gone out at all really.  Well, James not at all, I know he would like to but it takes so long and he likes to play for awhile and it’s so cold that I’ve just avoided it and he hasn’t asked! I’ve been outside a handful of times to walk Cora but even she hurries up at the moment!

20150105_204137We even made a batch of suet with all of our spare bacon grease for the animals outside!

Yesterday we had some homemade nachos for supper on homemade tortilla chips that I tried to make from corn tortillas we had leftover from before our trip.  I got a new brand of coconut oil though and it tastes very coconuty…. the previous couple brands have not tasted like this.  So our nachos had a distinct and not very good coconut taste to them 😦 Tonight we’re having shredded chicken/gravy sandwiches on homemade rolls and then roast veggies… Brussels Sprouts and cherry tomatoes along with some red onion and bacon bits.  Hopefully its tasty, I’ve just been using up the food we had since we haven’t gone shopping since before our trip and the weather hasn’t been very nice to go the last couple of days!

Joe hasn’t been able to run outside the last couple days but last night he got a bike ride in downstairs in the basement and tonight he came home and did a bunch of shoveling outside to clear off the boat! Both of us shoveled outside yesterday but today I didn’t bother because the snow kept drifting!

Here are a couple of pictures from today… James’ jumper is upstairs out of the way because he is way, way too big for it… but he found it and climbed into it himself and played with it for a long time! He thought it was pretty fun!20150107_120733



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