Feet on the Table, Moon Sand and James Loves Boots

My title is pretty descriptive today!

First here are two photos from yesterday evening.  James took only one nap yesterday and fell asleep in the Tula around 6:30.  I had no idea he was going to fall asleep back there until it was too late so I used a scarf to sort of hold his head up a bit.  Tonight he was real tired by 6 so he went to bed and it’s 7:30 and he is still asleep.  I guess if he takes one nap he will go to bed early and two naps he can stay up later!



James has this weird idea that he should eat his meals with his feet on the table so last night Joe joined him.  James had no idea what was going on!

20141228_192154 20141228_192212

This afternoon we had a major diaper issue so while James was naked we decided to make some moon sand! All you do is take 4 cups of cornstarch, 1 cup of melted coconut oil and food colouring.  The recipe I used was here, but I have also seen it other places online! Super easy to mix up and it’s a really fun texture to play with.  We got out some plastic bugs and buried them and dug them up.  Moon sand got all over but it kept James pretty happy for probably a half an hour and he only stopped because Joe came home!

20141229_170926 20141229_171727 Joe took Cora outside when he came home and James really, really wanted to go outside with them.  He got his boots out and was holding them up to Joe and asking to go with but its way too cold out for a naked baby so while they were out James got out his rain boots (and later his shoes too… he needed to make a point!) and walked around wearing two and carrying the other two.  Poor Baby!



20141229_173159Last night we had chilli and tonight we had leftovers so super was really easy and now we’re just relaxing for the night! Joe just has one more day of work this week and then 5 more days off! I think it might be the longest time he’s been home with us for a long time, maybe ever…10 out of 14 days! Pretty nice!


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