Car Checkup, Children’s Museum and Christmas Take-Down

Yesterday the three of us headed off to Marquette to get the cars 10,000 mile checkup and first oil change. Joe could have gone by himself but James and I went along and we also went to the Children’s Museum and the Marquette Food Coop and then got some Wendy’s for lunch on the way home.


James at the car Toyota dealership.  He sat in the fun chairs and had a snack and then found their Lego table.  If we don’t end up sick from that thing it will be a miracle… super nice to have a few toys for kids but the Legos were so dirty they were black and scummy. Ick. James didn’t mind though!


Then we went to the food Co-op where I ended up buying sheep’s Feta cheese, fresh goat Chevre and a gigantic Chiogga beet that I want to roast up. Yum. I will try and take a photo of the beet before I cut it up, it’s almost as big as James’ head.  After that we went to the Children’s Museum.  James is still a little small for a lot of the activities (but he is under 2 so he got in free!) but we wandered a bit and he drove a pretend, big truck, saw some turtles, a snake and a skink and then drove a play car, played with some musical instruments, dug in a bio-mass fuel pit and played with some blocks.  We ended our trip by checking out some bees in a beehive and a giant train set!





James really loved the train set!


James slept on the way there and then was so tired after our errands he passed out after taking his first bite of Wendy’s chicken nugget and slept almost the entire way home!  Went right out!


Today we stayed around the house and didn’t go anywhere.  Had a couple naps, Joe did go for a run and we had leftover snacks (cheese, crackers, fish spread, fruit etc.) for lunch and then Joe made us some easy pasta for supper.  This afternoon James and I also took down Christmas.  I just can’t leave it for long after Christmas… I get itching to take it down and clear things out and freshen up the house for the New Year so today we were watching some T.V. at lunch and I decided it was time! Cleared up Christmas and washed all the rugs covering the uneven spot in the floor and did some organizing.  We’ll rotate some toys around in the next few days and get out/do some new activities!



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