December Book and Activity Advent – Days 23 and 24

As of today we are finished with our books! I had wrapped up 25 of them but I let James open days 24 and 25 this morning since tomorrow morning he will have so many other gifts to open. We also baked cookies yesterday, decorated cookies today, took a green coloured bath today and watched a few Christmas cartoons, some Yule log channel and listened to a last bit of Christmas music.  Earlier today the three of us also went to town to grab some last minute groceries… apparently most of the rest of the U.P. did too, it was busy!

For supper tonight we had appetizers and snacks and then James refused to go to bed until almost 10 and then he fought it all the way. He doesn’t know Santa is coming but he doesn’t feel 100% so I think that was keeping him awake.  He definitely has a mild case of the stomach flu. He hasn’t vomited yet, thank goodness/cross my fingers/knock on wood or whatever, but he definitely is having tummy troubles otherwise.  Now I am feeling better, and James is sick but still pretty happy so I thought we were clear free but now this evening Joe has come down with it… and it seems like he’s going to have the full blown version like I had with the chills and nausea etc. Maybe he can avoid throwing up but I’m guessing he’s on his way to having a fever too.  Merry Christmas to us! Maybe he will get lucky and it will end up mild and pass by quickly… we will see tomorrow.

Otherwise tonight… Santa Claus stopped by quick and had a bit of a snack and left a few things (hopefully he is immune to stomach flu… Sorry Santa!) and then I added the rest of our gifts under the tree from where they were safely perched on the piano. Not quite the Christmas Eve I had pictured in my head with James being easily and happily put to bed earlyish and then Joe and I getting to watch T.V. and spend time together after all the gifts were out enjoying the tree and peace and quiet then going to bed so we could wake up and see James find gifts in the morning.  Somehow sickness did not enter into that equation… I guess it will be a Christmas to remember! Easy for me to say since I’m the one that’s well now though. It will still be fun seeing James open his presents and see them all anyways too!

Here are the two days worth of photos but in no particular order because when I uploaded them somehow they got all crazy.


Christmas Eve breakfast donuts!


One of our last books, for the 23rd.


Baked cutout cookies ready to be decorated… stars, bells, Christmas trees and tractors


Having a nice drink on the sofa



James helping cut out cookies and making sure the dough was tasty


James learned to climb up on the chairs.  He is very proud of himself.


An early Christmas Eve gift.  He got to open his latch board present. I thought it would be fun but it was very easy… he got 5 of the 6 right away. So much for that!


Decorating a few cookies for Santa Claus! I bought nice red and green sprinkles but James lost them under the couch and I couldn’t find them for a long time so we had to use pink sprinkles instead.


Supper was appetizers/snacks and Manhattan’s.  The drinks were very, very strong!

20141224_182857-001 20141224_223027-001

Left cookies for Santa and he had a quick snack when he visited!

20141224_223939-001 20141224_224134-001

Our tree with all the presents put out after James went to bed!

20141224_224152-001And our last two books James opened on Christmas Eve morning!



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