December Book and Activity Advent – Days 21 and 22

Well since our family likes to share…. Joe and James have also gotten some stomach flu now although very mild compared to what I had.  James just started showing sign of it today but he is still ridiculously chipper and doesn’t seem to know he is sick so hopefully that continues and it passes by quickly!

Today James and I went out with our friend Eleanor (we did not know we still had flu going… hoping Eleanor did not get it from us.) and then we came home, unpacked, cleaned the car and took our bath/shower.  James refused a real nap here at home but fell asleep in the car on the way to pick up Joe at 5, so he is still up now and needs a bit more time to get sleepy!

Here is our last two days in photos…


James’ oatmeal and salt sensory bin.  This did eventually get all over the place. He kept most of it on the blanket but is definitely left the bucket!

20141221_101930 20141221_111929

He was playing with his sensory bin while I was making some breakfast potato tacos.  This was yesterday when everybody was feeling well.  I’m still kind of shady and just being careful with what I eat but at least I haven’t been sick since Saturday. Hopefully Joe and James will just stick to mild cases and Christmas will be home free! Below was James’ muffin tin lunch from yesterday. He had a leftover chicken nugget, leftover potatoes, raspberries, kiwi, banana and carrot sticks.

20141221_154000 20141221_183333

Later in the day James learned how to play with the cat with the cats’ stick toy with a fish on the end of it.

20141221_183336 20141221_221715

After James went to bed last night I finished up this quilt.  I started this sucker in 2005, before I even met Joe! Its moved several times and been worked on once or twice.  I finally decided I wanted to finish it so I could give it to Eleanor for Christmas.  If I give her a gift certificate she will just give it back to me but I’m thinking if I give her a real gift maybe she will keep it! In the past I have gotten her gift certificates for her and her boyfriend to go out to eat because they will use that and she doesn’t need very many ‘things’ to clutter her apartment, but this year she gave me her birthday present back and told me to use it instead! Hopefully she likes this quilt!


Eleanor and James from today! Usually James falls asleep so we don’t help her up to her apartment much anymore but today we had so many bags and gifts to carry I woke him up and put him in his Tula and then he had a blast playing cars with Eleanor on her coffee table! She taught him to crash them together and he thought it was great!

20141222_112753 20141222_130559

On the way home from Eleanor’s house James and I stopped at the fish market.  I was mostly wanting to get a nice piece of smoked fish for breakfast over the weekend but then I bought two containers of fish spread to eat while Joe is home with us for a few days and after that I impulse-bought a large whole trout. It looked nice and after purchasing rotten fish at the regular grocery store last weekend I thought I would buy fresh good fish today! Not sure when we will cook him up but I’m sure it will be tasty!

20141222_202421Here are James’ books from the last couple days! Only 3 more to go.  He does get one Christmas day too although he will have SO many other gifts I probably could have skipped that.


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