December Book and Activity Advent – Days 15 and 16

Yesterday it was almost 50 degrees here! Granted, it was damp, foggy and rainy… but still 50 degrees! James, Cora and I took advantage of the weather and went out for a nice walk around Dollar Bay.  James took the opportunity to nap and Cora took the opportunity to poop in the middle of the road because of all the snow in her normal spots…  and I was excited to get a walk in, so I guess everybody came home happy!

That was an extra activity for yesterday! Our Christmasy activity was to colour a Christmas tree.  James is a bit short for his easel still but he did a pretty good job decorating the bottom half and I helped with the top.  Then today our activity was to add some paint to the tree.  James had fun picking out colours and even Chuck the Truck got in on the painting action!

Here are, in no particular order, a bunch of photos from the past two days…


James climbed up onto the futon all by himself. He was incredibly proud and I think Cora might have been a little concerned. Her sunroom spot may never be the same again.



Fog from yesterday…. still totally worth it to go for a nice walk.


James fell asleep on the walk so I attempted to let him sleep outside for awhile like Scandinavian people do.  I fed the chickens outside right near him and he got a few more minutes but then I accidentally woke him up so it didn’t last much longer.


In the past few days James has learned how to… climb onto the futon by himself in the sunroom, flush the toilet by himself, throw things into trash cans (everything…anything, all is fair game), take off his own diaper without even undoing the tabs and most excitingly… how to get behind the gate and into the litter boxes.  Fantastic!

These two are pictures I had to capture once I found him back here. I knew he was in the laundry room but he was just playing with a car and not even bothering the dog food.  But really, he was waiting for me to let my guard down before he scooted underneath and got the scoop out.  He does see me scoop them each morning so he just wanted to help and practice doing it himself too… it’s the thought that counts.

20141215_164118 20141215_164157

This was James after I made him get out and told him he couldn’t play in the cat litter.


Here is James decorating his Christmas tree picture… and a little bit of himself too. Somehow his lips and his belly button ended up with marker on them… not sure how he got his belly button.

20141215_164902 20141215_175043

His book from yesterday, even though it is actually his second Christmas.


Painting our tree today with Chuck the Truck.  Chuck didn’t join in until the end when I had already put the paint and brushes away… as I was cleaning up James ran to get Chuck and invited him to do some painting too.  Below is his book from today.


We also finally got our ‘professional’ photos from a local lady who was doing a bunch of shoots for charity.  She’s a nice lady, she tried really hard to get James to laugh and smile, and it was very nice of her to take 3 full days of mini-sessions for a local charity… but… our pictures are kind of disappointing. I can’t remember if I posted about this ordeal already but in short…. before Thanksgiving we took photos with her thinking I could make Christmas cards and we’d have family photos and the $50 went to charity.  Well almost 10 days later she tells us she lost all the photos from our day (almost 15 families!) and had to redo them! It was a total accident but super annoying all the same. So 10 more days later we retook them…and a week later we finally picked them up! It’s basically too late for Christmas cards but I did make a few quick ones just from Wal-Mart anyways… maybe next year I can do better.

Some of the photos aren’t too bad…. they are in focus and we are all looking at the camera so that’s a bonus! The colours seem extra bright to me, like they are adjusted too much maybe…. but maybe that’s just me too.  Overall I do like the colour ones, they turned out the best and are still a good photo of our little family. We don’t often get photos of the three of us together.

DSC_0225And then she pretty much took each colour photo and turned it into a gray scale and a brown scale so we have 3 copies of each photo.


And then we have a bunch of photos of James on a horse which would be sort of cute but they all have this weird border on it.  Some are darker or lighter or foggier but we have 7 versions of this photo and none of them are normal looking! It’s kind of like she used a ton of Instagram filters on them and I think we would have preferred plain, normal photos. This one just looks like a dream… or a play with magical fog, or maybe the Christmas tree is on fire and we aren’t getting out of the house fast enough… or maybe it’s from 40 years ago and we dug it out of a box that had smoke damage. Not sure, but it’s not my favourite style!

DSC_0204-001 Besides all of that the past few days… yesterday I ordered Joe a couple small gifts from a store online.  Both him and I have shopped there… usually it’s him but I have ordered with them before and we both have totally separate accounts.  So yesterday they sent me my order confirmation and all was well and then this morning Joe sends me a message telling me that he didn’t need one of the items I ordered! I was so confused how he knew and the first thing I thought was he was snooping on his Christmas presents! 🙂

Apparently our accounts are so similar…even our emails end the same so when they were entering information they were rushing a bit and are probably used to seeing Joe’s information so they just automatically sent the invoice for it to Joe’s email…unfortunately letting him know what his presents were! I wasn’t that happy about it but then Joe mentioned I should ask them to switch out the item he didn’t want for one he did…so it ended up being good and bad that they made that mistake!

I emailed them to let them know what had happened and also asked them if they could switch items still or if I should just make a new order.  They were super sorry for the mistake…. it’s just the season and they do some of their work manually and just happened to send it to him and unfortunately it just happened to be a gift which made it worse. Luckily they were so nice and able to intercept before our package got shipped and fix the products to match what Joe wanted and they also apologized by sending us some agate to work with and free shipping…. so they totally made up for their mistake! It wasn’t a huge deal since Joe would have had an idea of what I ordered as soon as he saw the charge in our checking account but it was still a really weird mistake to have happen!

Now tonight James is in bed and Joe and I are watching T.V. and going to have a bedtime snack before heading upstairs. Joe had to go to the dentist today and came home and got his run in before supper.  We traded nights and I put together quick tacos last night with leftovers from the weekend and he made us some Vietnamese pork with rice noodles for tonight!

Tomorrow James and I have a big day… it’s an Eleanor day plus we have to finish a last couple gifts and ship out our boxes! The last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery is Thursday! Hopefully our boxes make it!


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