December Book and Activity Advent – Days 13 and 14

Another month under our belt with James yesterday… he is officially 13 months old now!

Yesterday we went out in the morning to do some errands and shopping and then we came home and Joe started cooking our supper while I put groceries away and tried to get James to nap before our guests came over for supper!


Here are James’ most recent two books! The Nutcracker was from today and the Santa’s Hat book is from yesterday.  He has started pulling out more of his Christmas books to read the past couple of days.  It must take him time to warm up to them and decide to select them over his normal favourites.

20141213_094912 20141214_153135

Yesterday before our guests came over but after I spent 2 hours trying to get James to nap (unsuccessfully) we attempted to make some paper chains for our Christmas tree.  It worked well when James got distracted… but while he was helping he mostly just got mad at me for not letting him have the scissors and then he played with the rings for awhile and threw paper all over the floor (before getting mad about the scissors again!)

Below is a current photo of our piano covered in gifts.  Some are going out, some are coming in and more are still down below.  Plus, many more are in the mail yet.  Hopefully we get our shipment out by Wednesday… that’s the goal 🙂

20141214_153149Our guests, named Mike and Laura, brought James all kinds of presents for Christmas too.  A new set of bathtub toys, a bathtub basketball hoop, some nice smelling soaps and this super cute bunny wash cloth.  It has a pocket on the back for soap too. Laura crocheted it for him.  We used the soaps this morning and James smells extra nice today!

20141214_153219For supper Joe made us tamales.  Usually we have them with pork filling but this time they needed to be vegetarian so Joe filled them with portobello mushrooms, cilantro and Mexican cheese.  They turned out super tasty.  Then Laura made some tasty artichoke dip and brought us dessert too.  We were all well fed by the time supper was over and James had loads of fun with extra people to play with.

These aren’t that good but I thought they were cute! James was getting into the cupboards and I stood across the kitchen taking his picture. You can see his progression. He really likes these bowls and his newest game is to dump stuff over the top of the gate at the bottom of the stairs.  As I type there is a large pile of Joe’s shoes and some toys on the steps from him doing it earlier.  In the pictures he put a couple of bowls on the steps instead.



20141213_093322 20141213_093400

20141213_09332920141213_093334 20141213_093409 20141213_093412 20141213_093418Today we ran to town once more to see Santa at Wal-Mart quick and grab the rest of our groceries.  We made it just in time and James handled it well.  I think he was about to cry but he held it together for the moment it took to snap a photo. He definitely wasn’t pleased but he was very brave and got some fruit snacks from Santa as a reward – which he loves.  First ever fruit snacks!

20141214_145105 20141214_145045I bought James some raspberries today and when we got home Joe was handing them to him to eat but all James would do was try to feed them back to Joe.  He didn’t want to eat them himself.  I put a few on James’ plate for lunch then and he kept taking them off his plate and walking over to Joe and giving them to him to eat again.  James never did eat a single raspberry. We have a big carton though so maybe he will give them a shot, he used to enjoy them but it’s been several months!


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