December Book and Activity Advent – Days 10, 11, 12

A little behind on posting our books today!  The past three days we’ve taken a break from official activities. We’ve been very busy getting ready for Christmas and we went out a couple days this week.  Just this evening I finally folded four loads of clothes that have been living in the laundry room for most of the week. In fact, I answered the door for UPS and the mail lady in this today…

20141212_135431My socks are also green and white.  I thought I matched good enough… and I didn’t have to go downstairs and dig through hampers (ha, like I made Joe do this morning to find his clothes – at least they were clean!).  At least I took a shower too and I had pants on.  James came to the door for both deliveries without pants so at least I was a step above that! 🙂 Thankfully last night Joe fixed the dryer and now clothes will dry quicker and as of tonight all of them are folded and 3 of the 4 loads are put away!

Here are our books from the past three days:

20141210_175537 20141211_151048 20141212_174908Besides that we have had several unofficial Christmas activities.  James redecorates the tree several times a day, last night he got to play with a roll of wrapping paper which kept him busy while I wrapped some gifts.  He ripped up several feet of it, but he had fun and we can call it a ‘sensory activity’. He has also thoroughly inspected the tinsel I have wrapped around our floor lamp and regularly takes bows off packages and/or tries to get them down off the piano to open.  So really, we haven’t been without Christmas spirit!

We are totally done ordering for Christmas now with the possible exception of one more thing Joe may order.  Our total packages for the week were 4 from USPS and 7 from UPS.  The past two days the UPS truck actually backed into our driveway to deliver them instead of just running across the road.  Several more deliveries in the next few days yet and then we’ll do some of our own shipping to send off gifts to our families since this will be the first year we aren’t traveling over Christmas.

Here are a few other shots of James from the past few days!


Leftovers lunch at James’ table.  Yes I did sit on that tiny chair and have lunch with him.  And, yes he is in jammies but only technically… he doesn’t sleep in these fleecy footie jammies because he gets too warm but sometimes if he gets snowy outside or dirty at lunch we just put him in these instead of getting a whole new outfit because these keep his feet nice and warm too when he is running around on the wood floors! So he was in jammies, but this was post-bath and outside time!


Last night ‘cheese’ face for a picture. No idea where he learned this but he does it a lot!


Our UPS and USPS deliveries today, all within 5 minutes of each other.


James having some leftover lentil, vegetable soup and bread and butter for supper.


I taught James to spin in a circle a few days ago and now he is very good at it.  Except he does it until he gets dizzy and falls over or runs into something.



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