December Book and Activity Advent – Day 9

James and I did our main grocery shopping for the week today, so we were gone for most of the morning.  Tomorrow we are going to take our friend Eleanor out and there are like two things we’ll get but otherwise we’ll just wander around and help Eleanor if she needs it.  We can’t usually shop right along with Eleanor though because she thinks we’re rushing her and gets really cranky.  So I just offer to help her when we get there, and either we do stuff she needs help with first or we meet up later… I’ve learned that several times the hard way when I tried to keep her company and just chat while we shopped.  It’s just better to go different directions! 🙂

Plus, this is her ‘cranky season’ the colder, darker winter months when it’s harder to go out and she has a lot of memories that she can’t avoid.  Christmas eve was her husband’s birthday and then both her husband and son died over the winter so all that combined makes her more sensitive and she gets angry or upset faster! I can’t remember when exactly we met, but I believe this is the 6th winter we’ve been together.  I learned after the first couple that it happens every year and to not take it too personally if I can help it although it definitely tests my patience occasionally!

Today James’ activity was a basket of bells! He liked it…especially the larger ones he could shake and be really loud.  He likes to be loud.  He also has at least one of his next top teeth coming through and possibly the next one too but he doesn’t like me to look in his mouth anymore. After these two come in he will only have 6 more baby teeth to get before he is 2 years old!


A basket of bells and a snowman book! I actually bought this book this year and thought it would be cute… but, it’s actually kinda lame.  Oh well!

For supper tonight I made Joe and James try tempeh.  It comes in a brick/package sort of like tofu but instead of being sooth the soybeans are fermented and kind of pressed together… so the texture and taste are different.  It reminded me almost of eating nuts.  I made sesame, orange, ginger tempeh for supper, with rice and vegetables and egg rolls too because Joe wasn’t too excited about the tempeh! We ate it, and I would probably eat it again but it wasn’t my absolute favourite.  It would be pretty easy to make for James and I for lunch sometimes and it’s pretty healthy!

20141209_141758 20141209_142148


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