December Book and Activity Advent – Days 7 & 8h

A busy weekend for us this last weekend! Yesterday we retook our Christmas photos too so hopefully this time they don’t get lost and maybe we can still get them in time to order cards… we’ll see.

Yesterday Joe cut down a tree for us and we put it up last night. James enjoys taking the ornaments off a lot.  I think by Christmas most of the ornaments will be on the top half of the tree. We’re not sure what kind of tree it is, other than a pine of course, but it came from our yard and works just perfect in our living room.  It’s not as full as a tree lot tree but it’s not as Charlie brown as I have been known to cut when I have to cut it myself… Joe picked a very nice, beautiful tree for us! It’s nice being home with James too because we can enjoy it a lot this season and have the pretty lights on all day.

20141207_192839 20141208_151959

James got a book each day too, I thought he would like these because they have flaps but he wasn’t super interested in them so far.

20141208_152404Today we did our snowman activity.  James thought I was a nutso when I started rolling balls of snow outside but then he started to help and played and dug in it.  We made a snowman family. There is a mom and dad and a little baby snowman too but it’s hard to see! They are very small, the size of James…and have no accessories but whatever… they are still snowmen!


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