December Book and Activity Advent – Day 6

Busy day today! St. Nicholas came to visit us last night so when we woke up this morning our stockings had some nice gifts in them and then James got his day 6 book which was the Polar Express.  He is a bit young for the full long version, he just can’t sit still that long yet, but we did look at the pictures and it came with a CD version too so maybe we can listen to it sometimes.  It’s one of only 3 books I purchased new this year for our advent…all the rest were given to us as gifts/hand-me-downs or were ours from when we were kids! I swear I’ve got a copy of this book already but I couldn’t find it, so James got his own new one.  I hope to watch the movie with him next weekend while we’re playing… maybe it will be super snowy and blowy and make for a nice movie day.

20141206_084502 20141205_205841


James got a couple new little cars, a water bottle with a straw, and a couple of small books.  Joe and I both got some new socks, a couple snacks and Joe got a new comfy shirt in his too.  James was pretty impressed by the socks 🙂

20141206_083730 20141206_085825Cora doesn’t like peanuts normally but this morning James was eating bits of peanut so Cora decided she just loved them and needed some peanuts too!

We also did my Christmas present today! I asked to go shopping and get a couple toys to donate and some stuff for the animal shelter for my present so we spent a little bit of time at WM picking stuff out.  We donated a toy truck and a Frozen Elsa doll to Toys-for-Tots and then we picked up a bunch of food, a collar, rawhides, and laundry soap for the shelter.  We also donated a few of Cora’s like-new toys and several of our old towels to the shelter as well.  They specifically say that old towels and blankets are welcome… so it’s not weird that we did that! Plus they were still very usable… we just have a large excess of towels around here and thought they might be able to use them.  Overall a very good Christmas gift I’d say!

20141205_233454Our finished cards from last night! We will package them up and send them off on Monday.  They are small but nice and glittery so hopefully they can make 15 lonely people a little bit happier this season.

While we were out and about we went to the bank, donated a small bag of items to Good Will and got some tacos for lunch too!  Now this afternoon Joe is napping (James and I are not napping because James refused to go to sleep…) and James and I are downstairs shopping for gifts online and doing some laundry.  Our dryer broke last night… not totally sure what happened to it because it dried a load just fine and then totally quit.  Joe and/or a repairman will have to take a look at it this week but for now I’m using chairs and the big radiator in the kitchen to dry things.  Luckily I had just collected almost every blanket we own to wash them and they were piled in the laundry room when the dryer quit…. it probably saw the pile and was like ‘Heck no I’m not doing all that!’ … at least the washer didn’t quit, that would be a crisis! 🙂


One thought on “December Book and Activity Advent – Day 6

  1. ik zit al lang weer bij vriendje en veestapel thuis- maar de afgelopen maanden was ik zo regelmatig in Nederland dat mensen voedltesron dat ik net zo goed weer terug naar de Achterhoek kon komen en af en toe bij Erick op bezoek zou gaan in Ierland..

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