December Book and Activity Advent – Day 5

Today’s activity, making Christmas cards for elderly, was fun! Although at 9:30 James is asleep and the activity is still spread out all over the counter because its not finished yet! Most of this activity is mine I guess because James is still pretty small and I’m not brave enough to let him use glitter by himself yet.  Plus, he isn’t allowed to use scissors obviously. But, he did play a big part! James got to do a ton of painting and did get to play with some glitter… once they finish drying I’m going to cut his paintings into Christmasy shapes and paste them into our cards.  I cut the cards out and spent awhile this evening putting glittery shapes on the front of them.  Once they are finished we’ll put them in a big envelope and ship them to one of our local nursing homes and hopefully they can find some residents who don’t get much for Christmas and they can at least have a card from us.


James wasn’t totally into painting until we got the glitter out too and then he was totally game.


Apparently this kid loves glitter! Sprinkle a little bit on top of the paint and he becomes a wild man. We also now have glitter all over the house but I’m counting that as part of our Christmas decorations.

20141205_152916 20141205_195338

Bedtime toes and Bedtime Selfies!

20141205_195625 20141205_204541

James’ book for the day is in the upper left corner and the rest of it is my part of the cards getting worked on after James was in bed!  I imagine if we keep doing this, each year he will get more involved and eventually be able to make his own cards!

And… since I don’t post many photos of our animals anymore, here are some nighttime photos of them all.  This was maybe a half an hour ago now though and now everybody is up and about… it’s getting close to nighttime cat frisky, weird time.


Ocean and Pinga snuggling together and Chloe snuggling with blankets and pillows on the couch.

20141205_204833 20141205_204837And Cora itching in her chair.  We had her allergies totally under control for a long time and all of a sudden after she had some ear antibiotics they are all crazy again.  The vet promised Joe they wouldn’t affect her, and maybe it was coincidence but now she is itchy again.  Hopefully it clears up again soon! It took us two years to get to a good point!



One thought on “December Book and Activity Advent – Day 5

  1. Quelle grande idée! les feuilles frh®ecaÃs de laurier j’adore et je ne pense jamais à faire mes yaourts donc atelier laitier en fin de semaine! Les Firmes vont te copier.

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