Nature Box and Reading Corner

We got our first Naturebox in the mail today! Naturebox is a snack subscription service and I had a free trial box.  I’m not sure if we’ll keep it or not, probably not since we don’t really need a subscription snack service, but maybe I’ll get a box once in awhile.  Our trial box I sort of picked snacks more geared towards adults but I originally looked at it thinking James might like some of the snacks and that they were healthier options than some snacks we could pick for him.  If I get another one I’ll pick a few more snacks that would be easier for James to eat!


I got several nut mixes, dried pineapple, and honey crisps.  James definitely likes the pineapple and he likes nuts too but you have to bite them into small pieces for him so it’s not very convenient. I thought the cashew power clusters would be soft like granola bars but they are really hard so I don’t want to give James a whole one.  They definitely do have better options for kids I think I’d try next time! In the mean time, the chili lime pistachios are my total favourite! Yum!

20141204_162447 20141204_162609James enjoying a piece of dried pineapple.

20141204_203233 20141204_203240 20141204_203253

And here are a few pictures from bedtime tonight! Some pre-jammies bedtime tickles! And then James all ready to go in his little reading corner.  I just shoved a blanket and some pillows in the corner by his books but it’s a nice little spot to read before bed anyways. He seems to like it and know it’s his spot because every time we went past his room today he walked in and sat down in the corner waiting. Super cute!



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