December Book and Activity Advent – Day 2

Day two of our fun advent today! James got to open two more books and then we made some sugar cookies and watched the movie Elf this evening.  James definitely knows something is up with all of the wrapped up presents on the piano… this morning I was emailing Joe quick and James climbed up on my wrapper paper totes and grabbed a book off the piano and handed it to me.  Luckily he grabbed one of the number 2 books so we went and opened them and read them together! Smart baby! I’m not sure if he thinks they are all books, or if they just look interesting so he wants them regardless of what he thinks may be in them but he definitely wants them!

20141202_182328Cookies and books and an unplanned, but cute, movie!

20141202_181730 This is what baking cookies with James really looked like.  He enjoyed helping put ingredients in the mixer and watching them mix but then he lost interest so I made cookies while James played with sprinkles on his little table, emptied the baking cupboard, most of his books of his shelf and then followed me around grabbing my pants wanting me to hold him 🙂 So we put on a fun Christmas movie for us to watch while we played with toys and it kept him busy during the moments I needed to switch cookies and while I was finishing up supper.

We’ve been eating all kinds of leftovers all week… we didn’t even grocery shop besides a few vegetables, fruits and milk. Joe ended up going out with clients tonight but I had already put supper into the oven… so James and I had turkey pot pie by ourselves! It turned out pretty good for being made up! We happened to have a pie crust from 5/2013 in the freezer…. that’s right, over a year and a half! So I thawed it finally and used it! It was actually fine, I was kind of worried about it, but we ate it and we’re still here so far.  The insides were made from turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes, green beans, onion, celery and carrot…plus we happened to have fresh rosemary and thyme in the fridge so some of those went in there too.  The top was made from mashed potatoes.  We ate all of our Thanksgiving mashed potatoes but we had just enough regular potatoes left for me to make some more for the top. We’ll probably have some leftovers tomorrow and then one more night of turkey on Thursday! Some kind of soup or stew with turkey broth Joe made, leftover turkey and some vegetables.  Lots of meals from one turkey!

This evening now I’m the only one awake… Joe and James both fell asleep while we were putting James to bed around 9 but I wasn’t in jammies and I wear contacts so I had to get up and take them out anyways so I did not fall asleep.  I managed to sneak out from between them and come downstairs to clean up toys and dishes and take Cora outside and now I’m hoping to finish my blog, fold some laundry and put away clean dishes before I head up to bed! It can always wait until morning but morning is so much nicer when I can come downstairs to a peaceful, tidy house that is ready to go for a new day!


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