Thanksgiving Fun

I’m a bit late in my Thanksgiving post!  Joe’s family came up to visit for a few days and we were busy and I kept meaning to log on and post and update but I just never quite made it happen!


Thanksgiving morning! James was showing us his crazy chain sawing skills.  Notice, safety first… have to wear a hard hat.  And below a James-taken family selfie! One year old and he is already a selfie pro!


I didn’t get a great photo of everybody at the table, I just snapped one quick as we were starting to eat to sort of get a photo of our food.  Joe brined and then grilled us turkey, made garlic confit mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, homemade gravy and little crostini’s with tomato and mozarella.  Joe’s mom brought/made pistachio salad, pie, cheesecake and then a bunch of snacks for lunch.  We were a well-fed group of people by the end of the night!20141127_181144

After supper and pre-Christmas jammies we tried to get James to wear some Thanksgiving hats.  James hates hats though… he likes it when other people wear them but refuses to keep them on his own head for very long.20141127_191908

The day after Thanksgiving we had more family time and then went out to supper and followed it at the neighboring game arcade! James won like 300 tickets and got to see all kinds of fun games. 20141128_192800Joe’s family left Saturday morning early so they could make it back to the Cities and pick up their dog Walter, so Saturday and Sunday for us were pretty low key.  We ran out to the store quick, Joe got some workouts in and James played with tons of new toys he got from his grandparents and Uncle over Thanksgiving, plus all of the birthday gifts he got a couple of weeks ago! Such a lucky baby!


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