December Book and Activity Advent – Day 1

Today starts our month of fun Christmas/Holiday activities! Christmas is probably my favourite holiday and now that James is a little bit older (last year he was a whole 6 weeks old!) I am going all out to make it fun and memorable for him! I usually say no Christmas until after Thanksgiving but this year I totally broke out the Christmas music early in November.  Then after Thanksgiving I made it about 3 days before I took down the fall decor and put up most of the Christmas things.  We don’t have a tree yet but hopefully Saturday Joe will chainsaw one down for me and we can surprise James with it Sunday morning when he wakes up!

20141129_21332625 days of Christmas books all wrapped up and ready to go.  This picture is actually missing 3 books that are coming in the mail though…and then I found 4 more books that I wrapped up as well. So James will have 25 days and 29 books…the first 4 days are small books so he gets two! My tupperware totes of wrapping supplies are under the piano and James keeps pulling them out and climbing on them to get at the books.  All of a sudden he is a mountain goat and we have to keep reminding him to get off, not climb and/or sit on his butt.  Can’t wait til he figures out the tables and counter!

I’ve got a month of books wrapped up on the piano right now and most of my activities planned and supplies purchased for the things I want to do with him.  Most stuff is simple like baking cookies or making some homemade playdoh, putting gifts out for the trash man and mail people, seeing Santa, watching the Polar Express movie and making a homemade snow globe.  Easy, quick stuff but still fun things to look forward to!

20141201_130441Today’s activity was a Christmas I-spy bottle.  We had all the ingredients for this already so it was easy to make.  It’s just a big empty water bottle filled with rice and tiny, tiny ornaments.  I cut off the strings on them and stuck them right in.  There are is a Santa Claus, candle, wreath, present, trumpet, stocking, sleigh, ornaments, ribbon and a whole bunch more. All kinds of holiday related items and we can shake the bottle and bring new items to the top to look at.


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