Litter Boxes and Painting

Here are a couple of photos from Friday! I didn’t take too many photos this weekend and the ones I have are a bit blurry from a fast moving baby. Yesterday Joe and I had an appointment at the bank and then the three of us spent some time at the bookstore and then got some Christmas card pictures taken.  Hopefully they turn out nice because James really didn’t want anything to do with them. If not, we’ll have memories anyways.

Yesterday afternoon and then today we stayed put here at home.  Joe got a couple of his workouts in and we ate leftovers and scrounged in the freezer/fridge for stuff to make to use up what we have to clear out room for Thanksgiving food that’s coming in a few days! Last night Joe even got out some shark steaks we had and made those for us… first time having shark and it was pretty tasty! James was fast asleep so he missed out but there are some leftovers he might get to have tomorrow.  He seems to really like meat so I’m sure he will love shark to.


James is interested in the litter boxes but so far I haven’t had any problems with him bothering them.  He likes to watch me scoop them but otherwise stays away.  Friday morning Chloe was using the facilities though and James decided to get a front seat view which he thought was pretty exciting and funny!



Our most recent painting time! We got out some big paper Friday morning before bath time and got out all the paint and some brushes and James went to town.  He is a pretty enthusiastic painter.  He got both brushes, hands, feet and his butt involved in this piece of art work.

20141121_100304 20141121_1817252And finally… who doesn’t clean their fridge out naked?? I have a full view of the picture with stuff from the fridge scattered all over and it’s pretty funny but for James’ privacy that one will have to stay offline! Friday night before bed James helped me take everything out of the fridge and wipe everything down and then put stuff back.  He had a blast checking out all the jars and bottles and containers of stuff.  He kept rearranging items after I put them back in the fridge.  And, he didn’t even pee in the fridge or on the floor either! Good helper!


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