Morning Yoga, Booster Chairs and Sphene

Just a few pictures today…


James doing his early morning Yoga.  He is very good at taking time out throughout the day to reground himself and do a few more yoga poses 🙂 One of these days he is going to somersault… I just hope its on the carpet or the floor mat and not the hardwood… ouch!

20141119_140725James having some lunch in his new turtle booster seat.  I thought he might like to sit like a big boy at the table for Thanksgiving so I ordered a booster and we’re practicing.  He also had supper in it with Joe and I tonight.

Then, I forgot to post pictures of Joe’s newest gemstone I think.  I don’t remember posting… if I did, here are some photos again, but I’m pretty sure I did not! He got this piece of greenish sphene and turned it into…

20141025_184902 20141025_184919


This pretty gemstone! It went from over 18ct to just under 3ct because he had to take a lot off to make it look nice! It was hard to get photos of it, Joe got these with his big camera… it’s very, very sparkly and even prettier in person!



Oh… and this is what it looks like outside here today.  This morning when James and I woke up my phone said it felt like -3 outside.  Good thing February showed up in November! Maybe that means June will show up in February??


I wasn’t about to go outside and take pictures so this is from the living room.



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