James’ Height Board

Today James and I made his height board! We also painted a couple more leaves and that was about it…the rest of the day was survival because James didn’t feel very well from his shots.


The board is 5ft long and then we plan to hang it a foot off the ground on the wall so James can be up to 6ft tall without going over the top!  Below is James inspecting his finished (for now) board.

20141118_174842 20141118_175000

I couldn’t decide if we should have a family board or if James should have his own and then any other kids we have would have their own too.  I finally decided on individual ones so this one has just James name and birthday along the edge and then Joe and I put our hand prints at our heights up top.  Down below James has his (blue) hand print from today and then we didn’t get a hand print last year but we do have a mold of his hand I made when he was a few weeks old so I sort of traced that and then glued down the paper cut out.  Joe suggested making a stamp from the mold and adding a painted hand to it and I might do that too next to the cutout hand.  I also put James’ weights on there.  I imagine I will stop doing that as he gets older and I certainly did not put Joe and my weights on there! 🙂

20141118_175007Look at that sweet little baby hand print and then his bigger baby/toddler print! His print from today is pretty smooshy. Up close you can see his hand print but there is definitely some extra paint all over too.  I debated trying to do another print over the top in another colour but if I had screwed it up then we wouldn’t have been able to see either one! So I’m just going to leave it and I’ll remember how squirmy he was at this age when I look at it!


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