1 Year Weigh In and First Time Driver

James had a ridiculously busy day today! We dropped Joe off at work and then spent the morning with our friend Eleanor.  James got to drive his very first car cart today!  I tried to stuff him into one over the weekend but he didn’t want to so today I tried again today! He didn’t totally want to get into it, but once he was in he thought it was the coolest thing ever! He was driving with both steering wheels and looking all over. It was fun! I don’t know why people hate these carts… it was great!


We made it home by noon and then had just enough time to put groceries away, have a snack and head to James’ one year doctor appointment at 2.  James was supposed to take a nap too but he refused and fell asleep in the car both on the way there and on the way back… poor baby.


James weighed 25lb 1oz today and he was 30.5 inches tall and his head was about 19 inches around.  He is in the 95+ percentile for weight and head but only in the 78th for height.  He is the picture of good health with no worries or concerns and here he is answering my “James where is your belly button?” question 🙂 He was supposed to get a ridiculous seven shots today including hepatitis A and his second flu shot.  But, thankfully, they were out of one of the shots he is supposed to get and the nurse asked if I wanted to split them into two appointments because there was so many and I decided to do that… 7 seems like overkill for one day of shots.  So he got 3 shots today and when we go back for his 15 month well child visit he will get 4 more shots.

20141117_181452After his appointment we traded Joe the car so we didn’t have to go outside again and then we sort of settled in for the afternoon/evening.  James had a rough time of it with two sore legs and he was over tired so he managed to bump his head, do a total wipe out on the kitchen floor and smash his finger…. so at that point I stuck him in his Tula carrier where he was safe and we puttered around the house doing things before Joe came home!

Once Joe got home James felt a bit better and he helped dad cook in the kitchen while I did the chickens and took Cora outside and then he got some good play time in! I swear our baby does wear pants sometimes! Here he is playing with his birthday balloons with his dad! These suckers seem like they are going to last awhile so it’s kind of fun to bat them around and play with them.

For supper tonight Joe made us crab and corn soup with homemade chicken broth and then topped with green onion, jalapeno and a bit of sesame oil.  Super tasty! James got to gnaw on a big corn cob and then he sucked down a large amount of crab.  Apparently James must get that from me because I could eat crab every day. Yum!  Now James has passed out for (hopefully) the next couple of hours at least and we’re in the process of cleaning up and winding down for the night.  Joe’s lunch needs to be packed and Joe is making us some popcorn for dessert.  I may attempt to do some work on my computer but most likely we will watch T.V. and head to bed early since we’ve had a few late nights in a row.  Furnace is still working good after last night and we are due to get another foot of snow over the next few days.  Our new purchase this week: a roof rake.  We know how to have fun around here.


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