Winter Hates Us (or… one week of snow and I’m already complaining!)

We are just not winter people around here and our weekend, while generally nice, was full of annoying bits of winter.  Yesterday James had more swimming lessons but fell asleep on the way again and then we had to wake him up and get him into the building except of course it was windy and blowing snow.  Then the pool was cold again so as soon as we got into the water he just screamed.  We didn’t even make it 15 minutes this week.  I think I lasted 5 and just got out. He has two more lessons in December but I imagine the weather will be crappy and the pool will be cold so I’m just tempted to skip them.  Plus, there was another sports game so the parking lot was full again and we had to park really far away.  Super annoying.

20141116_172034Luckily we have a cute little baby wandering around the house who is generally fun to play with and funny to watch to make us feel better about winter! He likes carrying around the duster stick so today I stuck a duster on it and let him go to town.  He was doing really well until he tried to dust the cat.

We have a lot of time to take swimming lessons so its no big deal… I had thought it would be a fun cold weather activity to go splash in the pool but to a baby its more like a polar bear dive I think.  Might be time to cut our losses and try again later!  After swimming lessons we hit up the grocery store and pushing the car out through the snow reminded me again how much grocery shopping in the winter sucks… and it wasn’t even deep in the parking lot! I think we may take advantage of People Greeter’s and the Pick up door at the grocery stores and just drive up from now on.

20141116_172038What the heck Mama? The cat has my duster.

Our plowing is going well but today Joe decided to get the snow blower attached to the tractor and do a little bit of plowing to keep the trail open for Cora so she gets her normal walks for the winter.  It’s not a lot of snow blowing compared to what he’d have to do to do the whole thing, but of course the winch broke.  That’s a big part of why we got somebody to plow for us this year… between the time it takes and the amount we spend on repairing the stupid snow blower every year its worth it to get plowing.  So now we’ve got to fix that… again. No offense but Husqvarna if you ever read my blog… your snow blower/tractor combinations don’t work well.  Mowing the lawn is fine… snow blowing… not so much.

20141116_185303Trying to keep some combination of socks and/or slippers on his feet is difficult. I guess he will let me know when his feet get cold!

Then, to top off our wintery weekend… our furnace broke! So after Joe spent time outside clearing snow from the ground, boat, and roof (and then making us tasty Vietnamese supper) he got to go down into the basement and fix our furnace! Luckily our house only got down to 62 because he noticed it wasn’t working and now its heating back up nicely.  I feel like winter has been around for months already and we’ve only had snow for a week! We decided we may need to buy a vacation house somewhere far, far away from any snow!



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