Happy Birthday James part 2

Well James had a pretty good birthday today!  He had some little chocolate donuts for breakfast and then we had a fun morning playing around the house.  He really liked his balloons and decorations and he even woke up early enough to say good bye to Joe before he left for work.  James took a nice morning nap and then Joe picked us up and we got James some fresh, local tacos for lunch.  James seems to really like this sort of food and he ate like a third of a burrito and a couple of corn chips with guacamole all by himself!


Good Morning Birthday Boy!

20141113_080504 20141113_130803

Beef and bean burrito for lunch with some chips and guacamole.


James got a Happy Birthday balloon, an Elmo balloon and then a red star and a blue star as well.  He liked them I think, and they should stick around for awhile.  He also got his very own James 1 year old shirt!

20141113_133023 20141113_133045 20141113_133112 20141113_133147

James and mama selfie! I have like two dozen more of these with us in various forms of blur and motion because I let James his the screen to take pictures!


After supper, which was fried rice made by Joe because it’s usually one of James’ favourites, James was ready to open his gifts. Such a lucky baby with his huge pile of presents!


James loved all his gifts! He got a bird feeder that we need to put outside tomorrow, a wooden car carrier truck thing that splits up into a bunch of cars, a cool set of magnetic blocks, a couple of Thanksgiving books, his very first dollar coin, a bead maze and a little car race track.  He was pretty excited!


Here he is playing with Dad and some of his new cars!

20141113_185447 20141113_185451 20141113_191430

And finally it was time for cake! Here’s Joe getting it all ready for him! James did need help blowing it out of course 🙂

20141113_191509 20141113_191531 20141113_191723He really didn’t care much for his cake.  All he wanted to do was go back to playing with all his new toys! So he played for a little bit longer and then it was time for bed! At least he didn’t get super messy so he didn’t need a bath I guess 🙂


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