Tomorrow Joe and I will officially have a 1 year old! What a year! Tonight, after James finally fell asleep, I decorated the living room and got everything all set.  I had to decorate his cake while he was awake because he refused to go to bed, but that’s OK, I think he will like it anyways!

James has a car shaped cake and then a little smash cake for him to play with that’s just multi-coloured.  We’ll help him blow out his candle and sing to him…and then he will get all sugared up just before bed so I imagine he will be up pretty late!  At least he will have lots of new things to play with! The countertop is full of gifts from both sets of grandparents and us. I’m kind of mean and I got them out earlier and he saw the coloured packages and kept pointing at them like he wanted them, he knows they are for him, but he has to wait until tomorrow night when Dad gets home!


I squeezed out the remaining white frosting around the car.  I thought it was more realistic looking with snow all around it.



A bit dark but there are streamers all over the ceiling and banners and balloons and whirly things hanging from the beam.  Joe even came with after work and we got some helium filled balloons for him too.  He did accidentally see them and was pretty excited but then I hid them! He has two plain blue/red ones and then an Elmo and a Happy Birthday balloon. I think he will like them!




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