6 more months…

Winter just nailed us today! There was hardly any lead up, or easing us in this year.  All of a sudden Bam! Winter! I know the snow totals were over 10 inches earlier today already, I don’t even want to know what they are now.  Our plow guy came bright and early this morning and will do so again tomorrow.  November is pay-per-plow though (but very worth it to get plowed!) so I hope November cools it for a bit or it’s going to cost us! 🙂

Yesterday I thought the snow was charming and pretty and today I’m wondering why we didn’t take 2 or 3 walks a day during nice weather instead of 1 and I’m already dreading the next 6 months of this stuff.


This morning around 8am just after our plow guy left.

Clearly we stayed inside most of the day today although we did venture out twice to take Cora to go to the bathroom and feed the chickens.  Let me tell you, for anybody who doesn’t have kids or has old kids and doesn’t remember having little kids during the winter…. apparently winter double sucks once you have small children! The coats, boots, hat, snowpants, mittens…. all while your kid is screaming murder at you is just not fun! And then you have to put your own hat, coat, boots, mittens on… and leash up the dog.  Ugh.  I was a bit cranky when Joe got home tonight! 🙂  Not looking forward to doing that twice a day for the next 6 months! Although, if I stick James in his Tula I can skip the snow pants which is a bonus!


These are blurry but I just had to document how pissed James was at me for making him put all this stuff on.  The kid loves his boots but doesn’t love any of the rest of it, or the patience/time it takes to get it on! He does seem to enjoy being outside once he is there though! Might have to get him a sled for the winter!




A couple other photos from today! James helped me clean the rabbit cage today, like he always does, but this time he felt like he needed to experience the feeling of rabbit food on his feet.  I guess it’s an experience everyone needs once! Cora also experienced the feeling of it in her mouth.  Funny how everybody wants somebody else’s food around here… James loves dog food (well and rabbit food), Cora loves rabbit and cat food… the cats will poach food from us if they can (so will Cora).  James and I made a quick fort this afternoon too.  I thought it might be fun to read books in it but he was too busy reaching over his head to feel the blankets up there!  For supper I made us cabbage vegetable soup and now Joe is biking, I’m going to clean up the kitchen from supper and James is in bed!



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