Banh Mi x 5

Last night Joe made us Vietnamese Banh Mi for supper! Banh Mi is a sandwich! Joe made tasty pork and vegetable meatballs for the filling and then a tasty sauce made with chicken broth and a bunch more vegetables, and other stuff, I don’t even know all what was in it. Yummy! James and I were taking a nap when Joe was cooking and we could hardly sleep it smelled so yummy… after our nap we went downstairs to see if Joe needed any food samplers to make sure everything was alright 🙂


Last night was traditional Banh Mi sandwiches, the meatballs and sauce with pickled carrots, jalapeno, cucumber slices and lots of cilantro.



We stored the leftovers in the grill because our fridge was full and it’s winter so we can do that sort of thing.  The one good thing about winter we decided.  We can store food in our grill. 🙂



Then tonight we brought the pan back inside and had leftovers served over hot rice for supper.  It was a perfect dinner for a snowy evening, they estimate 15-25 inches over the next couple of days!

Joe also took some leftovers for lunch, all three of us will have leftovers tomorrow, and there was extra sauce that we’ll use on hot rice bowls for lunch one weekend or a quick supper one evening.  So this one recipe (that Joe did spend several hours preparing for us starting with grinding his own meat…) will have fed us at least 5 times by the time we’re finished with it all! Well worth it and super tasty!


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