Down with Swimming Lessons!

Well James had a rough day today, some fun intermixed… but maybe not his favourite day ever!  We started off good.  We got up, James had pizza and a banana for breakfast and Joe and I just had leftover pizza, we hung out, we played a bit, we got ready to go out on errands.  Joe was showing his truck to someone so he went outside to get ready while James and I headed off around 10:15 or so.  We went to the consignment store, dropped off some stuff to GoodWill and then to swimming lessons.. except poor James fell asleep right as we were getting there again so he woke up sort of unhappy and then it was blowing snow and windy and cold and there was a home football game so we had to park really far away.  And then we got to the pool and got in and it was freezing cold compared to our first class which was nice and warm. So James just cried, and cried and cried. He basically sobbed for the better part of 15 minutes before we called it quits and just got out, warmed up/changed and went home! Maybe next week he will like them better and we can park remotely near the door! Stupid home football games… ugh.

James did totally make out at the consignment store today though! We dropped off a box to consign and then went shopping through the boys clothes just to see what we could see.  I wasn’t really expecting to find anything but we hit it perfect and found tons of stuff.  James got two whole new outfits with tags on and everything…a pair of canvasy pants and a long sleeve shirt and then a pair of fleece pants and a fleece hoodie.  Plus we picked up a Cherokee 2T sweater and a 2T Old Navy long sleeve shirt, they are slightly big but he can still wear them and grow into them a bit.  And then he got another pair of Old Navy pants they are sort of nylon on the outside but soft and warm lined on the inside so he can wear them for the winter.  And then, to top it off, he got a little set of plastic construction trucks too that I’ll add to his birthday gifts as a bonus.  James was behind me in his Tula so he couldn’t really see what I was buying very well 🙂 All for like $20 and then we had $2 worth of coupons and our account had like $25 in it from previous consigning so we pretty much got 3 pairs of pants, 2 long sleeve shirts, a fleece hoodie, a sweater and little trucks… for free! Best thing ever 🙂


The little trucks aren’t pictured because I shoved them in the pantry right away. I need to find a good hiding spot because James has already seen one of his presents… he walked up to where it was upstairs a few weeks ago and pointed at it so I had to move it so he’d forget about it…and today he saw there were some sort of toys in the pantry but he can’t reach them or see them from the ground.  Definitely need to work on my hiding spots before he gets any old and figures it out… luckily this year he probably just thinks I’m being rotten and won’t share the good stuff with him 🙂 Ha. Poor baby… and hopefully he forgets about them a bit so they are at least sort of a surprise for his birthday! Only a few days and counting, it’s a bit bittersweet, but I’m still super excited!

Here is James rocking his new Old Navy pants and his new sweater.  2T is still too big, but not ridiculously so that he can’t wear it!  I really like these pants already too because they have buttons on the sides so I can button them up a little shorter for him.  James’ pants are all over the place from 12-24 month sizes.  The 12’s are getting way too tight and a bit too short, the 18’s fit great but are too long and the 24’s are a bit big and too long as well.  I hemmed a lot of 18month pants but now when I am trying to get the hem out I realized I made the stitches too small so it’s difficult to rip them and I put a hole in one pair of pants already… so thanks Old Navy for making adjustable length pants! 🙂  I’m not totally sure what is on his butt either… must have sat in something.



Notice too… James’ hair is getting a lot darker! He has a very dark, very thick little baby soul patch on the back of his head and the rest is slowly filling in more and getting darker as well.  I think he will have Joe’s hair colour in no time!

Othewise today, Joe totally cleared out the inside of the boat so he can start cleaning and fixing it up a bit.  He checked out the motor and it’s basically in pristine almost unused condition (lucky for us!).  He also rode his bike for awhile in the basement and made us some Vietnamese pork for supper and then I cooked up some rice and peas to go with it.  It’s a nice easy supper, we have some form of it pretty regularly and it seems to be one of James’ favourites too.  I actually had to get him a second helping tonight! Oh, and we’ve got a bit of snow on the ground after today… super glad we hired someone to plow for us this year!


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