Pumpkins, Leaves and Rainbow Bottles

James and I have had a couple of nice days here.  I didn’t get a chance to post last night though because after he went to bed, he got back up again as soon as I tried to leave! He is doing that tonight as well, but I told him as long as he is in a reasonable mood and polite he can stay up but if we get tantrums and crying he’s got to go back to bed!  As I type he’s playing with his gigantic Chuck the Dump Truck next to me.  Chuck the Truck has been on a vacation for the last few days because every time James would go to play with him he would want to lift him up on the sofa, but he isn’t strong enough so he would melt down in frustration.  So Chuck took a trip (behind the couch where James couldn’t see him) for a few days and I just gave him back tonight… we’ll see how long he lasts before he needs another vacation! 🙂

Yesterday James and I did a little rearranging downstairs by taking some shelves out of the mudroom and adding them to the shelves in the living room.  I was thinking of trying to move the treadmill to the mudroom but it’s pretty big so I’m not sure if we’ll end up doing that.  The shelves work nice in the living room anyways though.


 Corner full of toys!

James and I also spent some time making rainbow bottles.  He got to stand on his steps by the counter and watch me drop food colouring in and then he got to shake the bottles to mix them up and watch the colour disperse.  Then we checked them out on the floor.  We had them out this morning as well but right now they are up on the window sill… hopefully we get a sunny afternoon one day so the light shines through and makes a rainbow.

20141106_112804 20141106_112813 20141106_113124

We also had a lesson in how slanted our floor is because all the bottles rolled in the same direction!

A local scrap metal place came and took away our huge pole barn pile in the morning yesterday.  Cora, James and I didn’t notice the first trip they made… I only noticed as they were leaving but Cora and James were both asleep so they missed it.  The second trip Cora noticed finally though.  They brought a big claw truck and just scooped it up.  We traded them for it… they picked it up and they could have it for free.  Saves us from trying to haul it!



James’ new winter boots came in the mail yesterday too! Unfortunately one of the pull tabs on one of them broke right away so I have to figure out how to fix that.  For some reason he absolutely loved wearing them.  He clunked around in them all evening and then anytime I took them off he would carry them back to me and ask to put them back on! This morning they are on the counter so I can figure out how to fix them!20141106_182059 20141106_185351

At one point James was sitting on the couch with Joe and he randomly decided to lean over and eat his toes.

Our other craft yesterday was making some paper pumpkins.  I did most of this but James kept me company and inspected my work! 🙂



Our craft today was painting! I got some after-Halloween clearance foam leaves and we got a few of them out and some paint and painted them today.  James’ limit was 4 leaves, and I think he would have been content painting just 3 before getting bored.  We hung up the four and we still have a stack so we’ll probably paint a few more times before Thanksgiving and do some more decorating until it’s time to take it down and switch it out for the holiday decorations!


20141107_173246 20141107_173253


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