Tacos, Fish, Jello and new Jammies!

Everybody else has gone to bed already so just a quick post tonight!  These first three pictures are from last night… all the big animals just relaxing after James had gone to bed and the house was quiet.  He’s very small, but very loud! Pinga was in Cora’s favourite chair so Cora decided to sit on the couch with Ocean.  Chloe was sitting under the window far away from Pinga but still hanging out in the room with us 🙂

20141104_195023 20141104_195033 20141104_195048


And these few are from today!


James helped me make some apple cider donuts for breakfast! Mmm.  He was sampling the teaspoon in this picture.  He helped measure and mix stuff and really enjoying standing on his steps and looking up at the counter!  Below he was helping mix some cinnamon and sugar to toss the donuts in.

20141105_083857 20141105_091052

You may haven noticed I said donuts. And no, I’m not mistaking donuts for muffins.  Apparently my new mini donut pan has a major learning curve.  This first batch was the worst… super over filled and they just puffed up nice and turning into little muffin donuts with muffin tops and donut bottoms! My next couple batches were better but I never did get the hang of it. I’m going to try again next week and see if I can’t make some little donuts for James’ birthday.  I told Joe it would be cute if James could put his little fingers through little donuts… but I’ve got to figure out how to get the holes in them first!



James has discovered how to sit on his little car! It’s super cute watching him try to get his leg over.  Sometimes he gets it over and ends up forward… sometimes he gets the wrong one over and ends up backwards. He is pretty proud of himself either way! Also, new jammies he was testing out tonight!

Other than all of that, today was a pretty good day although cold and cloudy outside.  Joe picked us up at lunch and we went to town all together to get some fresh Rodeo taco’s (James really likes their food!),  For supper I made us spaghetti squash, rice pilaf and blackened salmon with mango/pineapple salsa on top.  It turned out alright but neither Joe or James particularly liked the squash… James will suck it down if I put sauce on it, but tonight it was plain.  Cora did eat some though and I ate mine even though it was only alright.

James and I also made jello earlier for dessert.  I think we’d all rather have pudding if we’re having an easy dessert but since James is avoiding dairy I figured we’d make some Jello and have strawberry Jello with real strawberries on top.  Somehow I must not have whisked it long enough because there were some weird spots in it and James kept eating it, but half the time he put it in his mouth he would grimace and one time he actually gagged and spit it out.  Who knew Jello could be so disturbing?? Maybe next time I’ll just get pudding and use some almond or soy milk and see how that goes! 🙂

Now Joe and James are in bed and the animals are winding down… or in the case of the cats, they seem to wind up and get all crazy at night.  There is red Jello all over the floor in both the kitchen and living room and I had wanted to clean that up before morning but I think I’ll just wait until the morning to do it now! James will be entertained in his high chair with a little donut and a banana for a few minutes so I can mop up and get all ready for a day of playing!  Maybe tomorrow we’ll find some Thanksgiving activities to do…


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