Potato Harvest and We Voted!

Kind of a cold, crappy day out here.  James and I did go outside a couple of times, once to drop some packages at the post office and a couple of times to take Cora out.  We also dug up our (small) potato harvest, the last of the plants for the season, and then we went out after Joe was finished with work to vote! Somehow our voting place never has I Voted stickers though, so James didn’t get to wear one!


Most of my potatoes were kinda small but there was still over 2lb, probably 3lb total with the few we already ate. I planted too late, next year I’ll try to be on top of things better and see what I can do!


Waiting for Dad to come home so we can go vote!


Post voting and back at home! James’ newest thing is to point at stuff so we name it and/or he wants it so we give it to him.  He particularly likes pointing at lights.

All of a sudden James’ knowledge of English has skyrocketed.  He can’t speak anything yet but if you ask him to go turn the light on from his crib he will go flip it on (ha, and off…and on…and off), or if you ask him where Barry his bear is or Thomas the Train or to go get a book to read he will.  I did ask him to get Thomas yesterday (and I didn’t specify Train) and he brought me back his baby doll twice… so I’m not sure if his baby doll’s name is Thomas or if he was confused.  If you ask him to go to the dog food he will, or today I asked him to go to his shoes in the mudroom and he toddled right out there and brought his shoes back to me where I was in the kitchen! Super cute! He will definitely find Cora if you ask him to too… he loves that dog!

James decided to skip his nap this afternoon so he went to bed at 6.  Joe and I had white bean, kale and Parmesan soup with toasted French bread.  It was good but I made it a bit too salty so we’ll probably be drinking a lot of water tonight.  James had a bit of fruit and a couple corn chips before he went to bed, but he was supposed to have some leftover spaghetti for supper (we’re avoiding dairy with him for awhile yet). Thankfully he had a ginormous lunch… he ate an entire bowl of spaghetti with meatballs, sampled a carrot, radish and celery and then climbed down only to go to his little snack tray and down a bunch of raisins and Cheerios! Hopefully he sleeps well tonight… his nose is definitely still running! I go to kiss his face and find it all wet from his nose smearing everywhere. Yea, that’s super gross I know! 🙂 Joe is biking now and then we’ll read or head to bed in just a bit!


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