Weekend Catch Up

I don’t think I took a single picture today, but I do have a couple from the weekend to share since I didn’t get a chance last night!  James definitely has his first cold and he has passed it on to us.  Joe doesn’t feel so good at all and I feel only a little bad and hopefully don’t get any worse! Despite his cold James was a trooper today and we went out and did our weekly grocery shopping and then had lunch with a friend of mine who was off of work today and then made a quick trip to JC Penney where James got a new pair of pants and a shirt for $4! It was normally $24 and it was marked down to like $14 and then we had a coupon so we got a whole new outfit for cheap! I know that is how they get you in the store (save $10 off a $10 or more purchase) but I figure if I’m going to get an outfit for James or something for Joe or I for dirt cheap and it’s brand new… then why not? As long as I don’t go overboard and spend like $50 because then it’s totally not worth it! But brand name baby clothes for $4 brand new? I’ll take it!


Above: This is what happens when James asks Dad to get him dressed 🙂 Below: James and Joe inspecting the yard (where the pole barn was).  We were out and about just getting some fresh air! Usually we have Cora with us too but I think this time Joe was working on the boat and James and I came out to say hello and then we wandered around for awhile letting James play and inspect things.



Other than all of that we are pretty good around here! We had a nice weekend, we went on a walk with Cora down on the trail, Joe had a couple workouts, we took some family naps, we had steak salad last night and taco salad tonight and spaghetti on Saturday night…. tasty but nothing ground breaking or unique.  Tomorrow we’re going to go vote (I hope everybody does the same!) and hopefully overturn a couple of crappy proposals we don’t like and maybe get rid of a couple of politicians we don’t like too! 🙂


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