The day Blue Bird came home and First Halloween!

Happy Halloween! A big, fun day for us here! Joe is off from work today so he slept in a bit  (except for James waking us up ridiculously early because he wasn’t feeling so well so he didn’t really get to sleep in very nicely) and then by 8:30 he was on his way to help get our new boat… which I’ll get to shortly!

James the past couple days has been off and on not feeling so hot I think.  Finally today he has an actual runny nose, his very first! I’m thankful we made it almost an entire year without him being sick except for when he had hand, foot and mouth for a week or so.  I’m not sure if this is a little cold or from his last molar still working its way all the way into his mouth.  Whatever it is his little nose is all stuffy and keeps running all over the place and he woke up early this morning.  He was still tired but couldn’t settle enough to fall back asleep so we spent several crabby hours in the living room playing (crying/fussing) until it was time for a good nap and then he slept and felt a Lot better, still not 100%, but a considerable improvement!


My awesome attempt at a Halloween breakfast for James.  The ghost is just some whole grain white bread cut with a cookie cutter with raisins for a face.  The pumpkin is actually ‘eggs in a nest’ but I made the hole a pumpkin cut out and then scrambled the egg with a bit of food colouring to make it orange.  The face is apple pieces.  And then because I felt like I was giving him a ridiculous amount of bread I stuck extra raisins and apples on his plate hoping he would eat those!  Definitely a breakfast too big for a 1 year old, but it was fun to make!


… and I was hoping it would be fun to eat, but James didn’t want anything to do with it.  I’m pretty sure he is thinking “Mama, is my food going to be orange forever??” Ha. Poor kid. He did eat quite a bit of it after his name though for sort of a brunch!


Early morning selfie…I sort of got James to look half-heartedly content.  All the other photos I got he was kinda drooping and looked sad! He was pretty happy to sit in my lap and watch Caillou… who by the way is ridiculously annoying. I’ve read how annoying the show is but today was the first time we ever watched it. James loved it though, so we sat through two episodes!


After nap, Joe came home (just ahead of the boat) and the three of us went outside to check out our first snowfall.  James is too small to remember snow from last spring so he had fun. He also showed us his awesome shoveling skills… bring it on snow/winter, we’re ready!

20141031_113445 20141031_113448

And then… here comes the boat!


Meet Blue Bird. Our brand new 26ft O’day sailboat. It’s very, very bad luck to change a boats name I guess so it will probably still be named Blue Bird unless we try to tempt our fate and change it! I don’t mind Blue Bird though, it’s not the worst name for sure! Current and more modern O’day boats are good enough but not exactly the most coveted brand.  This particular boat though is from the late 60’s and there weren’t too many made and it’s known for being a very sturdy, good boat.  It’s all fiberglass with a big lead keel.  It sleeps 4 but could fit a number of people on it for just the day.  Opposite of the newer boats the cabin is smaller and the deck up top is larger so it should be pretty nice for day sailing especially.

20141031_113634 20141031_113637 20141031_113714

The boat does need a good cleaning.  We need to vacuum it and maybe do a little painting on the inside but the woodwork is in great condition and we have all the cushions, sails, mast, anchor, radio, depth finder, and motor.  Plus a ton of random stuff like water maps and some safety equipment.  We will need to inventory, clean and organize everything and then pick up the things we don’t have or need to replace.

20141031_115021 20141031_115540


The last time the boat was on the water was 1987 (it’s actually older than both Joe and I and we were very, very young the last time this boat docked!). It was owned by a professor at Michigan Tech and that was the last year he took the time to get it out and into the water.  By that point he was retired and his kids were all grown and gone etc.  It has been stored inside a pole barn (built just for the boat!) since then so it has been kept clean and dry and there is no mouse damage or any problems with the boat.



This past winter the professor died and his wife and family have been slowly been clearing some things out.  The wife is well into her 80’s and none of the kids want the boat because they live far away and it would be too difficult to haul!  The boat is on a cradle and trailer but it’s main purpose is to go very slowly just a few miles (at most) to the water to be launched… definitely not to be driven several hours away to a new home! One of my old pharmacist coworkers was good friends with, and lives just down the road from, the professor’s family and he learned about the boat at the man’s funeral.  He also knew that Joe had been wanting a sailboat for years… so he connected us together and it just happened to work out that we got the boat for almost free!

After Joe got the boat all settled and James and I got dressed we decided to use a gift certificate we had to our restaurant here in town for lunch.  The three of us have never been to a real restaurant together!  We did stop when James was like 5 months old at an A & W quick once while we were traveling and James was in a Wendy’s quick when he was like 6 weeks old (and we do go to McDonald’s with Eleanor) but otherwise the last time he was in a real restaurant was when he was only like 3 weeks old!



He did pretty good for it being almost nap time but we did take several books and he played with my wallet, 3 straws, his own cup of water that he drenched himself with and then we stuffed him full of food as soon as we could! 🙂 It wasn’t leisurely but we made it and I think he had fun because he cried and didn’t want to leave!

Once we got home I got James down for a nap…and left him alone to nap for the first time in I don’t know how long!  I felt SO free! In fact, Joe took me out to the boat to get some inside photos and then I made some tea, swept the floors of breakfast debris and then sat down and wrote most of my blog before he woke up! Amazing!

Here are some more boat pictures.

From the deck looking at the hatch.  There is another cover we have for this but both need a bit of paint.



The V-berth and I think Joe said the door straight ahead is for the anchor.

Looking out the hatch at the back deck… needs to be scrubbed a little but otherwise perfectly sound.  Has two big storage areas in the seats.


This boat has two side berths… because the deck is so big part of the berths go under the deck.  So to sleep here you’d slide your legs into this hole and then your head and torso would be out towards the front of the boat.  I think James will like playing in these! Right now the sails are in this one.


One of the little tables with some storage.  There is another one opposite this that has an extendable part of the table too!  In this photo to the left is the front of the boat and the right is the hatch and back of the boat.


Another photo of the V-berth! Right now all the miscellaneous stuff is kind of scattered around the boat.  Some of the safety lines and spare pieces and covers for stuff.  Plus those ridiculously old pillows… I don’t think those will be staying, yuck!



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