Pre-Halloween Day!

We’re enjoying some more Halloween spirit today! We didn’t actual do any crafts today but James did paint a picture of a pumpkin a couple of days ago for a friend of ours who is under the weather. Today our food was all Halloweeny!


James had pumpkin orange oatmeal for breakfast with a raisin face, in his orange bowl with his orange spoon.


Then after his name I made him a pumpkin shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich (his first pb&j!) with a dried kiwi and pomegranate aril face…


… and he was totally unimpressed with it. He ended up enjoying some cheerios instead.


Lunch was orange and green rice! I had to make some rice for supper (Joe is making us fried rice!) so we had rice with peas, corn and spinach for lunch and I turned it orange.  We were out of orange bowls so we went for green instead.  He seemed to like his rice 🙂


He did wonder why all his food today has been orange!

Then unrelated to Halloween, James got a package of clothes in the mail.  We found a website that sells like-new or actual new kids clothes from 12 months up and James got brand new Christmas jammies marked down to like $5 from $27! and then a super cute like-new shirt for cheap too 🙂 Might be a new website to check regularly for good deals on clothes!

20141030_174253 20141030_174319


Tonight Joe is making us fried rice for supper.  He is out running now but we’ll eat once he comes home and takes a shower.  Tonight will be our first real snow of the season. We have a winter weather advisory for tonight into tomorrow so I’m expecting to wake up to some snow tomorrow morning and to bundle James up to go check it out.  He won’t remember snow from the spring anymore I don’t think so it should be pretty exciting! And then tomorrow we have a (hopefully) exciting day! Joe is taking off work to do something, but I’ll save it for tomorrow to post about.  If all goes well anyways. The bonus for us is that he’ll spend part of the day with us too so it’s almost like a 3 day weekend. James will probably wear his costume for awhile and I’m going to make some more Halloween related food for him and maybe do a craft but I doubt we will go trick-or-treating since he is so small and has plenty of candy already (and like I mentioned it’s not supposed to be nice out!).

Stay tuned tomorrow for our fun day!


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