Baby Handles

James was not feeling 100% today, not sure why but he was awake from before 2 this morning until right around 3 (I actually had to come downstairs with him he was loud and ready to play!) and then he was restless again by 5:30 and by like 6 we were awake again and heading back downstairs! He did manage his normal two naps and went to bed really quickly at 7:30 at least.  All day he was sort of fussy and out of sorts though, not sure if he has a little bug or is going through a growth spurt, or his teeth or maybe just the weird night… who knows! He was very, very happy to see Joe come home though!


James spent most of the day rolling his stroller all over and getting angry with the vacuum cleaner when it wouldn’t move where he was trying to direct it.  He also spent his usual time with his books and cars.  At one point he came out of the mudroom with two pairs of shooting ear muffs so we both put some on to check them out.  He looked pretty silly but kept them on for a long time!

I got James to wear a cute little pair of overalls today.  They are 24 months so they are a little big and way too long but I just rolled them up and call it good.  When Joe came home he discovered how handy overalls can be!


Baby Handles! James has such a weird face…. he had no idea his pants could be used to pick him up! New experience today!

For supper we just had some easy leek and potato soup with crusty rolls and then right after supper Joe had to take Cora to the vet for her shots.  She got several shots and came home with antibiotic ointment to put in her ears twice a day for a couple weeks.  Plus, we are supposed to wash her ears 10 minutes before we put the ointment in.  Don’t even ask me how that’s going to work! I’ve never managed to successfully wash her ears!

Now we’re relaxing and I’m posting a few more things on Ebay and Joe is faceting his new stone again and in an hour or two we’ll head to bed!


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