What a difference a year makes!

This morning we went on a nice hike at a place called Churning Rapids!  We usually go a couple of times in the fall, and hadn’t been there this year yet.  We try to avoid it when it might be busier because people seem to take their dogs off leash and there are a lot of bikers and Cora will bark at either of those.  We figured this morning would be pretty safe.  Unlucky for us, just like one of our walks last year, we got snuck up on by a guy on his bike and his off leash dog.  Which anybody within like 2 miles of us would have known Cora did not like! Last year we got set upon by a lady biker and her three off leash dogs that came right up to Cora and it was a mess.  This year at least the other dog totally ignored Cora and it was fine! So much for avoiding people!

Anyways, last year we went 2-3 weeks before James was born and then again 3 days before he was born and enjoyed some last long walks with Cora and just the two of us.  Today was the first day we had all been back and this time James was a more active participant!


Last year a couple weeks before James was born


This year, a couple of weeks before James turns 1! That is dirt all around his mouth… he was sampling rocks when we let him down to walk.


Last year, 3 days before James was born. I was gigantic!


This year a couple weeks before James turns 1! I was actually carrying almost the same amount of weight, just in a different form!


And towards the end we let James get down and walk. Poor guy kept toppling over though because the terrain was really uneven but he had lots of fun anyways checking out rocks and digging.



He got to sample two apples from some wild apple trees too! This one he picked out all by himself.


This afternoon then we had a nice family nap before we all got down to work. Joe made us chilli rellenos for supper… roasted poblano chilli’s filled with three kinds of cheese, deep fried and topped with a Mexican tomato sauce and more cheese! Yum!


After supper I put James to bed, Joe did his bike workout for over an hour then showered and started faceting his new stone!  I finished my dehydrated kiwi that I started earlier, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned up the kitchen and all of the toys, collected the last bit of laundry, emptied trash, mixed up a batch of apple banana bread and a few muffins, took pictures of more of some of Joe’s stones to put up on Ebay (sold his first one yesterday!) and started cooking some grapes to try making homemade fruit leather tomorrow.  I think my most productive non-baby time of the day is the hour or two after James goes to bed some nights! Things just go so much faster! 🙂  Now if I can just finish the laundry, my blog, a few Ebay listings and maybe a grocery list before he wakes up… that might be asking too much though!

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One thought on “What a difference a year makes!

  1. My mom started me at the age of 3 because I was one of those ADHd kids. I made my first wearable skirt by myself with fabric that my grnapdarents brought me when I was 5. I did it all by myself too. Since then I had been a continual and unrepentant addict to fabrics – 60 years worth!!!!

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