Wintry Turnip Bulgar Salad (U.P. Style)

Kind of a chilly, rainy fall day here! Today James and I made a quick walk to the post office but otherwise stayed mostly inside except to take Cora out for quick walks a couple of times.  We spent a lot of time playing and reading and now James has decided to be a night owl and as I type he is emptying the cupboards and testing bowls to see which ones fall the loudest. He lifts them up like He-man and then chucks them at the floor as hard as he can, or into each other.  I think the metal ones are the loudest but the plastic ones sure aren’t exactly quiet either.  Ocean is lucky she is deaf on this one.


Above is James hijacking the dishwasher tray.  He ended up rolling that thing all the way into the living room and it only ended when I made him have some lunch and then it magically returned to the dishwasher while he was eating 🙂

Below is our supper.  I tried to make this Middle Eastern wintry bulgar/turnip salad.  It sounded good but my U.P. adjustments didn’t make it all that great. Clearly my food does not resemble the food in the pictures!  First my preserved lemons were really good but then you’re supposed to put a bit of Orange Blossom Water in it and somehow we bought Rose Water, so that’s not quite the same and my lemons got a good dose of it too which made them not as good as they were originally.  Then I needed pomegranate molasses which is not an ingredient you will find here. Luckily you can make it by reducing pomegranate juice so I did that on my own but I’m not sure how good it turned out. Next, the whole dish is supposed to be made with wheat bulgar and that’s another hard to find ingredient… so I used brown rice! And finally, it called for Italian, Moroccan or Spanish olives and here in the U.P. that translates into California olives in a can from Wal-Mart! I didn’t check every store, and I could have ordered stuff online but I made do with what we had instead (probably a mistake).

I managed to eat mine and James ate a little bit of his before throwing the remainder of his turnips onto the floor. Cora refused any leftovers and Joe tried his but really didn’t like it so he ended up making something else for supper and James, Cora and I ended up eating a little bit of it too!



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