Mexican for Lunch, Steak for Supper and Lots More Books!

James had another full day today! We read a million more books, played outside, visited the chickens, walked Cora, took some naps, vacuumed and sorted some stuff for Good Will and the Consignment Store, Joe picked us up and took us to get some lunch and run to the grocery store quick, and then we ended the day with more books some steak and more macaroni and cheese/peas for supper!

Our new phone provider box came today.  We are joining Ooma and completely unbundling our cable package.  It’s all set up and ready to go but now we have to wait 3-4 weeks for our current phone number to be ported over so we won’t officially be unbundled for about a month.  Ooma is a VoIP service. It costs about $110 for the phone modem and then about $40 to port over your current number (otherwise a new number is free), so it’s a little pricey to start but it has the best reviews out of all the VoIP choices I looked at.  Plus it’s (basically) free once you pay the startup costs, all you have to pay each month is the applicable taxes and fees, which for us is $3.81. Once we are unbundled we’ll be saving about $115 per month.  I’ll probably do a full unbundled post once everything is set up and we make sure we like it etc.


We picked up some fresh Mexican food from a local restaurant for lunch and James totally loved it!  He wore his Halloween shirt again today, he seems to like the crazy writing on the front and I figured for like $5 for a one holiday shirt he was going to wear it as much as possible before Halloween! 🙂  Usually I offer him two shirt choices and he can pick which one he likes but when I want him to wear one in particular I hold it up and ask if he approved and if he smiles or seems to like it then we call it good!

Can you see the poor bruise on his cheek in these photos? Last night when I posted that bedtime came when he took a tumble behind the dining room table…. that was the aftermath 😦 A big bruise on his cheek.  I was sitting on the floor with his books and he decided to go for a walk with one of his cars and he was behind the table and the next moment he was sobbing… he either hit his face on the rung of a chair or on our wall radiator. Poor baby! It doesn’t seem to bother him today though at least because he was in a great mood all day!

We only needed a couple things at the grocery store but in passing we saw these seaweed strip snacks and bought a bag to try.  James wasn’t totally sure about them but he did eat most of it eventually! Definitely a different taste!

20141022_155051 20141022_191149

Joe was home with us for supper tonight and it was a team effort.  Joe grilled us some flat iron steak and I made some more macaroni and cheese.  We were originally going to have Chilli Rellenos but that required roasting peppers and making sauce and a lot more work than we felt like doing…we’ll have those Saturday instead!  While I was finishing up supper Joe asked James to go find Chuck the Truck who was on the floor a few feet away but instead James brought Joe his Chuck the Truck book, so they had some story time while they were waiting for some food!



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