Books, Broccoli, Fall Leaves

I forgot two whole things in my post yesterday! First, James learned to clap yesterday! I was singing the If You’re Happy And You Know It song and clapping and all of a sudden he was clapping with me…super cute!

And second, here is Joe’s newest stone! He just finished his first sapphire! It’s technically a little bit dark in colour for ‘perfect’ sapphires but it’s still really pretty and would make some nice jewelry!


This morning started off good and then got a little rough as the day went on but has ended alright!  James got up at 6:30, bright (or rather, still very dark) and early! He was up and ready to go and proceeded to bring me book after book after book all morning.  He didn’t even want to have breakfast, he wanted to go back and forth with books.  I counted. We read 17 different books before nap time and several of those we read more than once.  It’s the cutest thing watching him go over to the bookshelf, select a book and then come back hand it to one of us and then plop himself into our lap.  Sometimes his book handing skills end up more like throwing a book at us or occasionally smacking us in the face with a book, but it works!

After nap we took Cora, fed chickens, marked the edge of our ditch with a stick and coloured felt (so the plow guy doesn’t fall into the ditch in the winter) and played outside in the leaves.  I raked a big pile for James and he didn’t care about them…he wanted to mostly walk up and down the driveway with our car snow scraper and stand next to the chicken coop gazing at all the birds.

20141021_124246 20141021_125532

For lunch I baked us potatoes and made some broccoli.  I made way, way too much though and neither of us could eat all of our food.  I think one potato split between us would have been fine and half the broccoli!  James also got a chicken wing leftover from last night since he likes them so much.  James got a whole set of his own mealware yesterday. Plates, bowls, forks and spoons…he’s loaded now!


After nap this afternoon James, Cora and I headed out for a walk.  I don’t think I’m cut out for afternoon walks, mornings seem better! By the afternoon Cora is so antsy and tugs a lot and James didn’t want to go for a walk today he wanted to be the one walking so he kept taking his shoes off and shouting at me and then we had to pass dirt bikes (which might be one of the most obnoxious things ever!) and then a dog ran out of a yard at us and the owner had to come running to get it away from Cora.  Occasionally that happens, people don’t keep their dogs tied up and it always bugs me because people think their dog will stay by them, and then they don’t and I’ve got a stroller with a baby and our dog who is on a leash and I have to try to stop the other dog before it gets all crazy until the other owner can come running.  Not my favourite. So it wasn’t a very fun or relaxing walk!

Now this evening Joe came home and went for a run quick and then went out to supper so James and I just had homemade macaroni and cheese with peas in it and then James had some juice too. After supper James and I played on the floor but then our night ended when he decided to walk around the side of the dining room table and took a tumble.  We decided to call it a night and get him all snuggled up and tucked in and he is sleeping peacefully now!


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