Chicken Wings, Crackers and Fruit

Busy day here today! James and I took Joe to work this morning and then took our friend Eleanor out for a few hours.  Had some breakfast at McDonald’s and did a bit of shopping at Wal-Mart and then took Eleanor to the bank before back to her apartment.  James fell asleep on the way home so I unloaded and put away the groceries and took Cora for a walk while he slept in the car.  I wouldn’t do it in the hot summer or cold winter (or if we lived anywhere but here!) but for now I can let him sleep and keep the car door open and I just open the kitchen window so I can hear him if he shouts for me and I put the car right outside the door so I can see the car constantly and I check on him every few minutes.  He normally wakes up pretty happy from his car naps if I let him finish sleeping instead of waking him up to go inside and then I can spend like 10 minutes putting groceries away without help! 🙂  Occasionally I’ll wait in the car with him and read my phone or scroll through Facebook until he wakes up.


For lunch we had a bunch of fruit salad and peanut butter banana toast.  James has been introduced to a couple kinds of nuts and seems to be absolutely fine so I picked up some peanut butter, after not having any for months, and we tried some for lunch.  Then we had enough time for a bit of play, a short nap and a shower/bath before we headed back to town to finish our shopping! I can’t do a full shopping trip with James and Eleanor both…it muddles my head and is just too much so we do what we can with Eleanor and then go back later (or another day) for the rest. Today we ended up at Tractor Supply and then back at Wal-Mart to finish up!


While I was tidying up from lunch James decided to help himself to some oyster crackers in the pantry. I heard crinkling but I thought it was an unopened bag of rabbit bedding.   I only went to check out what was happening when James walked back into the kitchen with a handful of crackers that I knew I hadn’t given him.  Clearly I should have investigated sooner.


James getting to sit on a chair like a big boy while Joe and I got supper ready.  He is wearing his new Halloween shirt and was looking at a Dora the Explorer book.  He got a Halloween book in the mail today but was thoroughly unimpressed with it.

After we were finished we quick stopped at home to unload and then went back to pick Joe up from work!  For supper Joe made us Vietnamese salt and pepper chicken wings and I made us some coleslaw.  James really loves chicken wings!


Tasty Chicken Wings!


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