Weekend in Review

Another nice fall weekend around here.  We ran some errands, Joe did a bunch of work on the pole barn, we had two nice family naps, James played in some leaves, we had some good food and some not-so-good food, and now tonight we’re getting ready to get to bed and start our week off tomorrow!

20141018_173200 20141018_173212 20141018_173214

Yesterday we attempted to go to a pumpkin farm to pick out some pumpkins but we ended up going to the dump, the store and the bank first.  At the bank I was supposed to get cash after I made a deposit but I totally forgot so half way there when I realized we just called it quits and went home instead!  Maybe next time!


We had some bacon and toast for breakfast yesterday and then leftover soup for lunch and Joe made us really tasty beef and bok choy stir fry for supper.  Today I made us some of the worst biscuits I’ve ever had for breakfast (yuck!) and then made some homemade clam chowder for lunch/supper and then we had some popcorn for a snack tonight.

We’re not totally sure what James was doing tonight but it was hilarious.  He stole Joe’s shorts from the laundry basket when I was folding and walked around putting them over his head or around his neck like a cape and then being all crazy.  He was entertained by that for a long time! Crazy baby!

20141019_194514 20141019_194530 20141019_194535 20141019_194545


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