Family Flu Shots

We had a very nice family bonding activity today…. flu shots! I’ve gotten them on and off over the years and I got one last year when I was pregnant so James was protected but this was his first flu shot on his own.  Joe has probably gotten one at some point but not in a long, long time but he figured he better get one this year too since James is here now.  Better to be safe! So Joe picked us up this afternoon and we all went off to the doctor’s office.  James thought it was pretty fun until he got poked.  Then he got kinda sad and by the time bedtime rolled around tonight he was very unhappy.  He had a dose of ibuprofen and lots of snuggles and he fell asleep by 7:30! Hopefully he feels alright tomorrow!


A toddler’s view out the window at the leaves and rain

Otherwise today… we had leftover pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, rice and beans with avocado and tomato for lunch and James had oatmeal for supper (Joe and I will have Taco Bell later 🙂 ). We skipped our walk today since it was cold, rainy and windy and then spent a lot of time reading books.  James can’t get enough books. If you sit on the floor and ask him to get a book he will go pick one and bring it back and he often will carry books to us wherever we are. I don’t even know how many times I’ve read his truck book today… “Mail delivery truck… ambulance… airport fire truck” I might have dreams about trucks! But! He loves books and that’s great! I hope he always loves books so I won’t stop reading to him.


Cora gazing at Pinga and willing her to get out of the chair.  The two of them love this chair and sort of trade off.

James has taken to shaking things to see how they react.  It’s normally fine except he walked over and shook the table today and knocked the lamp onto himself before I could grab him.  It actually missed him and fell next to him but it startled us both and now there is a rule that James is not to shake this table.  He knows the telephone is up there, when it rings he walks over and looks at it, and he is fascinated with the modems up there too but for now he’ll have to leave it be!


The above photo was James scoping out the table (testing out his new swimwear for his classes next week).  He eventually reached up to shake it again and then he even tried hiding behind the end of the sofa (as if I couldn’t see him!) to sneak his hand up there.  It was pretty funny but I had to tell him not to touch the table! That’s when I caught the saddest face ever below.  Doesn’t that just break your heart?  He just looks so defeated and sad that I won’t let him shake the table like he wants. Ha, poor baby!




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