James loves Juice!

Just some quick pictures from today since James is getting mad at me!  He is in his jumper right now because he can’t keep his hands off Joe’s faceting table.  He is way too big for it but sometimes still gets put in it to keep him contained for a few minutes and since it’s so rare he usually puts up with it and plays with the toys and bounces.  He looks a little ridiculous though, I don’t think we’ll be able to use it at all pretty soon!

First off from today. James likes Juice!! We knew he liked juice and it’s very rare that he gets any. Usually he gets milk still or water and occasional sips of whatever we are drinking.  Apparently James has grown a lot recently and he can know scope out the table and reach stuff on it! I had a cup of juice I thought was pretty safe up on the table and the next thing I knew I heard liquid dribbling onto the floor and he had reached up, grabbed my cup and helped himself… to a LOT of juice!

20141015_095737 20141015_095742

At that point the ‘damage’ was done and it was pretty funny to watch so I got my camera out instead and let him keep drinking until he was finished.  He was all kinds of proud of himself! He found the cup with juice all on his own, and it was glass, and he got to drink by himself all he wanted! What a nice thing for a little guy to get to do!

20141015_095757 20141015_095811 20141015_130957

We had leftovers for lunch.  We were going to have leftovers and roast carrots but we got a big package in the mail (just groceries nothing super cool) and I got side tracked and super burnt them! I found maybe 5 carrots that were still edible. We enjoyed them. Maybe tomorrow we will have roast carrots again.


After Joe got home from work I took off real quick to Lake Linden. I bought a really nice bead maze from somebody for $10 (new on Amazon they are like $50-$70) and I had to go pick it up.  Joe kept James home so he wouldn’t see it since we’re going to keep it or one of his birthday presents.  He really likes the bead maze at the Tree House and at the Doctor’s office so I hope he likes having his own. If not, it wasn’t a huge investment so no big deal! 🙂

For Supper Joe made us some tasty pizza! Last night he made homemade sauce and homemade dough and then he put them all together and baked them up for us tonight.  Yum! Everybody likes homemade pizza!


Homemade tomato basil pizza!



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