Happy 11 Months James

James is officially 11 months old today! One more month and we’ll have ourselves an official 1-year old toddler on our hands, although James is already more toddler than baby now that he is walking all over the place, all the time!

Today James and I had a busy day.  We dropped Joe off at work and then did a bunch of grocery shopping, got rid of our old microwave, picked up our milk share and stopped to get me some pumpkin spice coffee from McDonalds.  I haven’t had caffeine more than 2 or 3 times since I stopped drinking it a few months ago and I had a very large pumpkin spice coffee today, so we’ll see if that backfires on us later! It was totally worth it though, yum!! I could drink those ALL day!  James also had his very first goldfish cracker since we were shopping over our normal lunch time I got a little box of them at the checkout for him to try, and bottle of water for us to share.  The crackers were a total hit and then I offered him a drink of water and realized sharing water with a baby isn’t fun because when I took it away there were several goldfish pieces floating around.  That made the water just for James! Note to self, buy James his own drink of he needs one.  I would have brought one with me but he put his water bottle somewhere a couple of days ago and I haven’t found it yet and his other ones leak more so I don’t want to take them in the car!


We made it home in time to put all of our groceries away, have a quick lunch, James took a nap, I hemmed his Halloween costume pants (it came in the mail today, super cute but I can’t post about it yet and ruin it!) and finally replaced the elastic in some of Joe’s shorts.  his shorts fit and they work but they aren’t exactly are professional looking as I thought they would be when I was done 🙂 Good thing they are comfy shorts and its just the waistband! I totally just fell on the Downton Abbey bandwagon too so James and I watched a couple episodes of that this afternoon while I was sewing and he was playing around me.

I tried to get some nice 11 month photos but mostly James was running around like a crazy man and I got a lot of blurry pictures. But, I guess they are realistic for this stage in his life and we’ll see them and remember he was all over the place!  Right now as I type he and Joe are playing Where’s Dad, Where’s James? with a cardboard box on their heads and James is inspecting a tiny little pie pumpkin I bought him today.


We picked up some window clings for Halloween today.  Most of them are scattered around the kitchen right now, and James ripped the moon in half but a few of the stars are still left on the window (too high for him to reach!).

Happy 11 months James! Not sure what we ever did without you!

20141013_172826 20141013_172943 20141013_172954 20141013_173034 20141013_173152 20141013_173200 20141013_173212 20141013_173250 20141013_173301 20141013_173322 20141013_173329

James still officially has 8 teeth, but 2 molars and just poking through and the last two are on their way.  He loves to run all over the place and get into anything he can… cabinets, toilet paper, dog food, dog water, drawers, boxes, the pile of shoes… anything! He loves, loves, loves books and is starting to inspect his stuffed animals more.  He loves cars and trains and putting things into other things like books into a box or spoons in a pot or pretty much any toy into any other toy.  He is totally hilarious and makes us laugh every day with his silly dance moves or funny faces or noises that he makes us.  He loves the animals, they don’t always love him, but he will learn to be gentle with them and then Cora especially will figure out he’s super awesome.  He already hands her food and plays ball with her so she is training him well so far 🙂



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