Fall Weekend

I didn’t take too many pictures this weekend but overall it was a pretty nice one.  Joe went shooting with a friend on Saturday for a lot of the day while James, Cora and I took a walk down the trail.  Once Joe came home all 4 of us went back out to take another walk into Dollar Bay.  We tried to check out a spot that launches sailboat but it was closed off and then we stopped at the store for a couple snacks and headed home.  After James went to sleep Joe and I had a nice campfire for a few hours outside! It’s getting pretty chilly at night and there was a good frost outside this morning.


I thought I had some old Halloween decorations from college but they were kinda yucky so I tossed most of them.  The little orange pumpkins I tried to save, I took them off a set of lights, but then James sat on one and crushed it into pieces so I decided they were too flimsy for toys and tossed them too.  He had fun playing with them for a few moments anyways.  He got his Halloween basket to play with too. I got it for him before he was born for 10 cents with after-Halloween clearance!



James’ pumpkin has been living in the house all this time but now that we carved it open I decided it should go outside.  He wasn’t really interested in it, even when it sat in the middle of the kitchen for two days, so I put it on the front step.  Apparently James really liked having it in the kitchen though because putting it outside made him cry.  Luckily, Cora came over and made him feel better so I didn’t have to lug it back into the house!

Today was a really beautiful day and we spent most of it here at home except for a tiny, quick trip into town to sign James up for Parent/Baby swim classes and a run into the grocery store for some stuff for supper.  We were planning on going full grocery shopping but James was too sleepy so he and I will do that tomorrow while Joe is at work!

This morning I was supposed to make us biscuits and gravy for breakfast but we accidentally drank all the milk last night after our campfire so I attempted to make sausage biscuits for breakfast.  Sausage biscuits as in the sausage was baked into the biscuits. I found a recipe from King Arthur that called for cheese in them too but we had no cheese so I just put more sausage to make up for it.  They didn’t turn out that well.  We ate them, sort of, and Cora thought they were great… but they won’t be a regular on our breakfast menu!


James playing truck with a large flashlight in the kitchen this evening.


My not very good breakfast biscuits!

This evening now we’re just finishing up the weekend.  Joe is working on his faceting machine (sort of since James likes to try and help him), laundry is going and I’m doing my blog and made my lists for this week and tomorrow.  Pretty soon it will be time for James to head to bed and then us not too much later!


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