No Cable, No Microwave

You might think we’ve living in the Dark Ages around here.  We are going on almost two weeks without cable and about 6 weeks without a microwave and so far we are enjoying it!

The microwave was useful, we used it to reheat food or make cocoa or oatmeal or microwave popcorn, but it was taking up a lot of space on our counter and we knew we could go without it so one day we got rid of it! It’s actually sitting on the floor in our mudroom because at first it was a trial run. We didn’t want to part ways unless we really meant it, but now after almost 2 months I think we can safely say we’re fine and don’t miss it.  I make oatmeal on the stove just like I will make cocoa during the winter, we melt butter on the stove if we need to, and we heat stuff up in pans or in the oven. No big deal! We even learned how to make popcorn on the stove in a pan.


Our counter where the microwave was.  The cutting boards and knives were always in the same general spot, but now we have space over here for our mixer, blender and kitchen scale… our most used appliances.  After our remodel we had to keep these appliances in the pantry and get them out as needed (we lost power for now over on the other counter where they were located before) but now with the loss of the microwave these nicer appliances can come out to stay again.

We also just cut our cable.  A lot of people have been doing this for awhile now, we just hopped on the bandwagon after almost a year of talking about it.  We can get pretty much any show we want streaming from the internet.  We purchased a second Roku (our original is in the basement in Joe’s shop) for about $90 and signed up for Hulu Plus ($8/month vs. almost $100 for cable).  We are already members of Amazon Prime ($100/year I believe) and can get a lot of free T.V. shows through that subscription as well.  Most shows show up on Hulu Plus the day after they air, other shows we can buy whole seasons on Amazon and many seasons of shows are entirely free with Prime.

We lost Disney Junior which was handy with James but have been discovering a lot of other free cartoons and shows like Sesame Street that are just as good!  I’ve found I turn the T.V. on less now this way which is an added bonus. Instead of having it on just for background noise we keep it off or listen to music.  We also have a satellite radio subscription for the car and the internet and I can play it through the T.V. with the Roku. Then we just turn it on when we want to watch a specific show or if I want to try to entertain James while I do something in the kitchen I find a cartoon for him to watch (if he wants to watch…sometimes he ignores it anyways!)


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