Rough Day!

I discovered this afternoon that James isn’t just getting one molar in, he’s actually cutting two molars I think with the other two on their way.  He’s got a sharp spot coming through on his lower gums too so it’s either his lower molar or the upper one that is coming through is bothering his lower gums.  Either way, James = not happy today.  I did a get a few smiles and laughs out of him, he enjoyed his pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and had a couple of good naps but otherwise he was pretty upset most of the day, poor baby!


This was the sad-faced baby picture I sent Joe on his phone this afternoon.  He was already feeling a bit lousy and then because I’m a super terrible mama, I told him he couldn’t play in the dog food and had to come out of the laundry room. I think I may have ruined his life. He really, really enjoys running his hands through the dry dog food and then picking up pieces and either eating them or dropping them into the water bowl.  Last night I found him in the pantry with his hand in the dog food bin pulling out pieces of food in there too! 🙂 I don’t like him to fill Cora’s water with her food though because then its wasted and nobody wants to drink the water and I don’t really want James to fill his own belly up with dog food.  A few pieces here and there are fine but he should eat people food and leave Cora her food! A lot of times now her food is picked up until he is busy elsewhere and/or the laundry room door is closed for awhile to distract him!

So I kind of pissed off an already sensitive feeling little guy and that set us up for a couple of rough hours but finally we made it upstairs into his room and he calmed down and cheered up considerably after some Tylenol and reading some books in my lap.  Then we made it through supper, James had an apple muffin and hummus (with some ibuprofen for dessert!) but he wasn’t very hungry, and by 7:30 he was going to bed already.  Hopefully those darn teeth come in quickly!

Other than that we did manage a nice walk outside today, it was warmer than it has been and beautiful this afternoon.  Our walk this morning was cloudy but still pleasant outside. After cleaning up (someone so small can make a really huge mess in a matter of seconds!), I’m now trying to figure out how to play a movie from my computer through our Roku and onto the T.V. wirelessly.  It’s probably not going to happen, but maybe I will get lucky! If I can manage that then it’s off to the sofa to work on some grocery lists and then maybe if James stays asleep I will do some listings online to sell some stuff I’ve been meaning to get rid of and catch up on some other things.  This weekend, assuming there are still openings, James is going to get all signed up for swimming lessons! Should be exciting!


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