Happy Fall!

James says Happy Fall! We’ve been trying to get outside as much as we can to enjoy the last night weather.  I’m hoping it doesn’t get too nasty out until at least January so we can enjoy a couple months of walks yet.  Two years ago it was in the 60’s around Thanksgiving and last year I don’t know the temperature but it was cold and had already been snowing.

James and I both like exploring the yard together.  James can walk and walk and walk as long as he wants to (which is a really, really long time) and I can follow and watch him and not worry about him bonking his head on furniture!  Plus, we are getting fresh air and James is learning about nature and getting practice walking on uneven surfaces, and the animals get a break from James trying to touch them! Win for all!

20141006_173839 20141006_172926 20141006_172924 20141006_172419 20141006_172249 20141006_172230 20141006_171742


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