Latest Food Adventures

This post is long overdue.  We’ve been having a lot of tasty food lately but I have been pretty bad about posting about it!  So here are several of our latest tasty foods. I’ve slowly come back to blogging more regularly and I’m hoping to keep up with my posts better again…. I’m even debating trying to go back to a daily post!


Reem’s Shish Barak from Under the Shade of Olive Trees.  This is one of our newer cookbooks but so far we have been enjoying it.  It has flavours and spice combinations that we aren’t as used to.  This recipe had warmer spices to it like cinnamon, along with lamb, mint and Greek yogurt.  Above is a closeup of the little pasta/dumplings Joe made with the lamb mixture in it and below is the full dish with the yogurt sauce on it.  We had it with pita bread.



This meal was supposed to be part of a larger meal but it didn’t work out.  We were supposed to have 4 friends over for supper but two didn’t get into town until too late and the other two decided to stay home too so Joe and I split up one big meal into several smaller ones for the three of us!  This particular night we ended up making portobello, asparagus, fried egg burgers.  They turned out super tasty!  Originally they were supposed to be Portobello & Asparagus Fajitas from Chevy’s FreshMex Cookbook but instead of putting them in tortillas Joe just used the same marinade, grilled them and turned them into burgers for us!

IMG_20141001_180936_hdr IMG_20140923_203359

This meal is called Pho Ga, otherwise known as chicken noodle soup but in a Vietnamese style.  Joe made homemade chicken broth for it and then it had big chunks of chicken, jalapeno, bean sprouts, crispy fried shallots and rice noodles.  Very tasty!  This recipe is from Vietnamese Home Cooking, another cookbook we use often!



This next recipe involved squid that we got from a fresh seafood sale at the grocery store a couple weeks ago.  I’m not a fan of tentacles but Joe doesn’t mind eating them and James had a blast with them too! Super creepy seeing tentacles dangling out of our baby’s mouth but he enjoyed it! Takes after his daddy! These particular squid went into a recipe for Chilli Squid Soup from our Every Day Soups book.  We haven’t made too many things from this book yet but this was the second time we had squid soup!

20140922_203125 20140922_203107


This was a hot stone bowl meal. I can’t remember if it was a lunch or a supper but it was tasty!  We have two hot stone bowls (someday James will get one too).  You oil the bowls and then put a layer of rice on the bottom and put them right on the stove burner and let them heat until the rice gets cooked and crispy.  Then you top them with whatever you want…avocado, onions, pot stickers, egg rolls, egg, meat, carrot, broccoli… pretty much any sort of topping or sauce that sounds tasty is fair game!

IMG_20140831_194128This last meal was from Joe’s Modernist Cuisine At Home cookbook.  We use this one tons! It’s a bit expensive but worth it! Joe uses it the most but even I have made pasta and macaroni and cheese from it.  Homemade macaroni and cheese is way better than boxed stuff… we have it regularly! This is a meatloaf sandwich! Joe ground and mixed the meat himself and even made the special sandwich bread to put it on.  It was a big hit, even James liked it!


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