Dad Needs to Wear a Hat

Just a quick Wednesday recap today! James’ first molar (tooth number 9!) started to break through today so he wasn’t feeling too hot for a lot of the day and he got up early so by 8:30 he was already napping!  We still took a walk like normal around 10 but it was a short walk because James wasn’t into it and it was off and on snowing/raining while we were out.  James was all bundled up but Cora and I got nice and wet.

We spent the rest of the day inside except for a short walk to the store for just James and I to buy some milk and some bacon for parts of supper.  I made us a fish, potato, corn chowder sort of soup that we had with bread and crackers.  James also had hummus and applesauce as a pre-supper supper.  While I was making supper and James was snacking Joe was working on Vietnamese braised pork for tomorrow night. I’ll share our supper of it tomorrow night, it smelled pretty good though!

Here are some photos of Joe and James playing tonight.  James got out this hat today and then decided that Joe absolutely had to wear it! He was trying to shove it on Joe’s head, and then taking it off, and then putting it back on! It was pretty cute.  James didn’t want to wear it at all either, he insisted Joe wear it and read him books 🙂

20141008_190303 20141008_190257 20141008_185814


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