Tuesday Recap

Just a recap of our day today! It was kinda cloudy and cold outside but I think overall we all had a pretty good day.  Joe went to work this morning and since James actually went to bed at 7:30 last night he was awake and ready to go around 7 or 7:30 this morning so he got to say goodbye to his dad!

Today James, Cora and I took a nice long walk.  It’s hat and mittens weather for me now and James got the full treatment of winter coat, hat, mittens and a blanket in his lap.  He took a small morning nap while we were out walking.


It’s too cold and dark to walk at 7 like we were doing so the past couple of days I’ve been trying a new walk around 10 so he can nap in his stroller for awhile while Cora and I get some exercise and we all get some fresh air.


For breakfast James and I made apple spice muffins with some leftover to save for tomorrow and to freeze for next week.  We had breakfast on the floor in the living room this morning while we watched some Daniel Tiger and read books and played cars. James loves cars.


Before lunch James helped me clean the rabbit and bird cages.  He especially loves sticking his hands in the rabbit food container and if I’m not paying attention he will scoop handfuls of it and let it sift out through his fingers all over the floor.  James and Cora both like to eat the rabbit food too and Cora showed up shortly after James climbed into the bucket.

20141007_122042In an attempt to keep James from spilling too much rabbit food I closed the lid on the rabbit supply bucket.  James took this as an invitation/dare to climb on top and play with his/Cora’s ball. Turns out baby toys and dog toys are pretty similar and mostly interchangeable, although Cora has been getting a bit friskier with the baby toys lately so I may have to start policing better again.  I caught her with a book in her mouth a few days ago, yesterday she thought she might ‘borrow’ a stuffed animal from James’ bedroom and today she thought she might enjoy carrying around his sippy cup until I made her stop. Dog’s got it rough!

Post-nap, post-snack James and I finished up some chores, took Cora outside for a walk and then he and I went back outside for some chilly play time.  He mostly wandered around in the grass and on the driveway, sneakily trying to walk down the driveway towards the road and then getting mad every time I made him go the other way.  He was super pumped to see Cora in the door and made sure to go over and tell her all about it!



Shortly thereafter Joe came home, said hello to us and then pretty quickly went out for his run.  By the time he came home it was just about time for James to go to bed so he joined us in James’ bedroom and read James some books.  James really likes to sit in somebody’s lap while he gets books read to him and he started off next to Joe but then squeezed his little self in between Joe’s arms as if he was sitting on a lap instead!

Earlier today when we were reading books I asked James where the cat was and he pointed to a cat and I asked where the dog was and he pointed to the picture of a dog. I was shocked! Apparently James knows a lot of English! I couldn’t get him to reenact for Joe but I’m going to try again tomorrow and see what else he knows that I don’t know about!

20141007_191150Once Joe was showered and James was in bed (thankfully sleeping a bit better again all of a sudden!) I finished up some supper for us.. not anything fancy or special but it worked! Broccoli, chicken, green onion and ranch pizza. 
20141007_200450Now it’s getting late, Joe took Cora outside and then made us chocolate milk and I’m posting a second blog post in one day! Might be a record! We’re finishing up a show on T.V. and then will probably head to bed.  We’ve been watching a series called Manhattan about the Manhattan Project during World War II and it’s pretty good!

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